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Why Exactly Does The States Defend Israel?

With all the talk and controversy among the Iranian president coming to NYC there has been many Israeli/Jewish protestors.

This got me wondering as to why he wants to wipe out Israel and why exactly do we defend Israel?

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    We are both protecting Israel from the Muslims and the Muslims from Israel.

    Israel will be there whether we protect Israel or not.

    Israel, if left on its own, will defend itself from Muslim countries far more aggressively than is good for stability in the region.

    If we want to keep Israel toned down we have to assure the Israelis that we will be there to support them from Muslim aggression when needed.

    Otherwise, the Israelis will take steps to protect themselves and that will not be good for the stability of the region.

    Remember, virtually all of the Muslim countries in the region want to wipe Israel off the map, not just Ahmadinejad and the so called clerics who support him.

    In fact the general Iraninan population, as opposed to the goofy clerics who support Ahmadinejad is one of the few populations in the middle east that does not want to wipe Israel off the map, even though Ahmadinejad and the so called clerics do want to wipe Israel off the map.

    In fact this issue is one where Ahmadinejad faces opposition from the general Iranian population. The general Iranian population does not like Ahmadinejad's aggressive stance against Israel.

    Israel is much more powerful militarily than any of the Muslim countries in that region and could do a great deal of damage if the Muslims get into a war with the Israelis again.

    In fact much of the current hostility is over land that Israel took in the 1967 war.

    The Muslims started that war. The Muslims are very lucky that the Israelis did not take any more land than they did.

    If the Muslims start another war with Israel they will lose far more than they did in the 1967 war.

    A good example of our influence with Israel is the recent war with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    Israel could have completely destroyed Lebanon. Fortunately Israel withheld much of their military power at our request.

    We do not want Lebanon destroyed.

    The result was a humiliating defeat for Israel in a war that Israel could easily have won if they had used all of their military power.

    If we stop supporting Israel, then Israel will use all of its military power against the Muslim countries. That will be a disaster for the region if that ever happens.

    Source(s): My experience on the Egypt project during the Carter Admisistration, Iranian colleages that I have here in the United States, and other colleagues that I have in the Democratic party and the military.
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    So far the US hasn't done all that much 'defending'...except maybe politically. Maybe that's because we're more or less on the same side. The anti-Israel bunch moans on about how we 'give' Israel X-numbers of billions...what they don't say is that all this moola is spent in the US, mostly to buy military 'stuff' from our defense that would likely go belly up without what amounts to a subsidy from the US government. What they don't tell you is we also give a lot of moola to Egypt to support one of the most corrupt governments on planet earth. If we didn't 'support' Israel their only option would be a massive nuclear strike on the surrounding Muslim states, including's to everyones advantage to avoid that. By 'supporting Israel' we're the best friends the Arabs and Iranians have...without us they would literally be 'toast'!

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    As a believer in the muslim faith, Ahmedinijad has made it his manifest destiny along with every last radical Islamic terrorist to destroy and eliminate the state of Israel and Jews because Mohammed commanded that it be done so before he "returns to Earth". The Americans support Israel because they are our only true ally in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has done numerous acts of violence against Americans because of the Jihadist movement spreading like wildfire across the globe. It is our duty as Christians to tell the Jewish people that although they are the most persecuted nation on Earth by the U.N. and the Islamic world, we will stand behind them and defend their right to exist! God bless Israel!

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    We defend Israel because we have treaties with them, they our an ally, and they are a democracy. The Truman Doctrine, which was a continuation of the Marshall Plan except applied to golbal politics, has the USA working to create new democracies throughout the world, and to come and assist democracies in trouble.

    Ergo, we assist Israel.

    He wants to wipe out Israel because he is a Muslim Terrorist who embraces the violence of his faith and not the peace of his faith.

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  • The US defends Israel because it is the only democratic country in the Middle East. The US would be fools not to support them.

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    I had a Political Science professor who was fond of saying that our relationship with Israel is explained by the fact that they have an important export-- the Old Testament.

    So it comes down to sentimentality. Israel does not actually DO anything for us.

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    they arnt Muslim

    Muslim see it as their Divine duty to destroy civilization so we all live in a mullah control society

    Muslim law doesn't mean we have to convert just pay a special tax

    Muslims have attacked civilization for 700 years they were stopped in France and on the gates of Vienna

    thrown out of Spain

    they never stop attacking

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    The US government in controlled by the Jewish lobby.

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    Should we stand by and let them be wiped off the map?

    How are you doing this morning Hitler?

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    hitler called. he said he has been reincarnated into a fascist muslim.

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