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Whay is the difference between a wildlife sanctuary and a national park?

I saw the previous answers.Does it go to say that the national parks are not protected by law?

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    A wildlife sanctuary is a preservation of habitat specifically for the animals.

    A national park is a publicly owned, government controlled, preservation of land for the people and the animals. The government will not allow development inside a national park. The land is usually pristine and unspoiled. Sometimes there is a significant historical element that is being preserved.

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    The only difference between national parks and sanctuaries is in the Section 24(2)(c) and Section 33(d) of the Indian forest Act 1927, these sections are not applicable on National parks but are applicable on sanctuaries. section 24(2)(c) - the collector may exclude from the claim such land (over which there are claims) from the notified area or ‘allow, in consultation with the chief wildlife warden, the continuation of any right of any person in or over any land within the limits of the sanctuary’ Section 33(d) -The chief wildlife warden may regulate, control or prohibit grazing and movement of livestock . This too is not applicable for national parks; however, authorised persons may use livestock as a vehicle to enter the parks [Section 36(7)].

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    Wildlife Sanctuary is specific land set a side for Wildlife and usually privately owned land or land donated to Wildlife organisations. The Wildlife within this Sanctuary is protected by law, as is ALL native Wildlife. There is also Wildlife(fauna) in National Parks as well, and they are also protected by law. National Parks are government run, usually by someone like National Parks and Wildlife. Everything is protected in the National Park by law as well, including Trees and shrubs, flowers etc.(flora). Hope that helps

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    The National Park Service (NPS) was created and signed into existence by President Woodrow Wilson in August of 1916. The NPS is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Its holdings (grounds, buildings, landmarks, etc.) are protected by Federal law.

    The principle task of the NPS is the preservation of the over 400 natural, cultural and recreational parks across the country for the use of all Americans. The locations range from the Grand Canyon, to the Statue of Liberty, to Gettysburg.

    Today the NPS consists of over 84 million acres.

    Wildlife sanctuaries are radically diverse in their operations, management, purpose and structure. Some of the most sweeping and impressive wildlife sanctuaries are privately held. Ted Turner has an impressive chunk of Montana that is set aside for not only a slew of animal species, but plant life and protecting the watershed as well.

    Will many sanctuaries are tied to foundations and conservation programs, they often operate via private, public and even corporate support / partnerships. Thus, while this gives them more autonomy, it can hinder their reach and scope.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): www.nps.gov
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    A national park is a reserve of land, usually, but not always, declared and owned by a national government, protected from most human development and pollution. National parks are a protected area of IUCN category II. The largest national park in the world is the Northeast Greenland National Park, which was established in 1974.

    An animal sanctuary is a place where animals live and are protected. In modern parlance the term is used to mean a place of safety. A reserved area in which birds and other animals, especially wild animals, are protected from hunting or molestation

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    A national park is a large area where one or several ecosystems exist and where animal species are kept for special educative and recreative interests and Wildlife sanctuary is similar to national park,but is dedicated to protect wildlife.

  • To tell you the truth you can legally hunt in a national park during hunting season with a hunting license of course. In a wildlife sanctuary that is not possible.

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    a wildlife sanctuary is the natural habitat which is protected by the govt.

    a national park is a man made habitat to protect some endangered or rare species.

    both these are to protect and save wild life.

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    There are various categories.

    But it can be both or it can be one of them.

    National parks are more developed as a rule so people can go there to be with nature away from the congestion of the city.

    Wildlife sanctuary is for wild life, it may be open to public to view wild life at a distance. It may not be open at all to the public and any one except for surveying and carrying for injured or wounded animal.

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    National parks are governmental reserves where both animals & plants species are protected under law.

    Sanctuaries are the bioreserves which consists of conservation animals and its habitat and doesn't need any

    special entry reservation or improper entry fees.

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