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I lost my passport, is there a website that searches passport number issued in the Phils?

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Information about replacing a lost Philippines passport from the Embassy of the Philippines :

1. I just lost my passport. What should I do?

First immediately file a police report as this is required by the Embassy/Consulate to replace the lost passport. Second, apply for a replacement passport at the Consulate with as many of the requirements as you can gather. While it is a good idea to apply immediately, you will eventually have to produce all of the required documents

2. What are the requirements for the replacement of a lost passport?

Lost passports can only be replaced when the consular officer can determine that, in addition to meeting the minimum requirements for a Philippine passport, that the applicant has actually lost his, or her, passport.
The documentary requirements for the replacement of a lost passport are essentially the same as for a first time application. Additional supporting documents may also be required to establish the applicant's identity, Philippine citizenship, and the circumstances surrounding the loss of the passport.
In addition to the documentary requirements, the Embassy/Consulate General has to receive clearance from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila to replace a lost passport. Due to the significant volume of such cases, the mandatory waiting period for the clearance is three to four weeks.
A comprehensive list of requirements is included in the passport application form.

3. How long does it take to replace a lost passport?

The mandatory waiting period is four weeks.

4. Why are so many documents required to replace a lost passport?

The Embassy/Consulate must be able to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding a lost passport. To do this, substantial documentation is needed. Such thoroughness is necessary to protect the integrity of the Philippine passport.

5. I applied for a replacement for my lost passport and I was asked to submit a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance. Why was this so?

In some cases, the Consul may require an NBI clearance to aid in establishing an applicant's identity. An NBI clearance is usually required in complicated lost passport cases and in situations in which the applicant does not have any form of photo ID.

6. I have an INS appointment but I can only produce some of the requirements for my replacement passport. How can the Consulate help me?

In very limited cases, the Embassy/Consulate can issue a passport with a limited validity, providing that most of the requirements have been met, and that there is substantial proof of the applicant's citizenship and identity. Once the applicant submits all of the required documents, the Consulate will extend the validity of the passport for a full five years from the date of issue, free of charge.
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  • mrs. t answered 8 years ago
    I believe that there is no way to find your passport number issued in the internet. The best thing you to do is to go to DFA and file for a lost passport and get a new passport, but make sure that you have to bring with you the required requirements such as certified birth certificate that issued by the census statistics, affidavit of lost passport, other identifications with picture/photo and Php500 for fee, and wait for 30 days, after you get your new passport.

    Good luck
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  • I lost my passport, is there a website that searches passport number issued in the Phils?
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