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my boss go to NY next week, i have help him to booking NY Carter hotel....但原來這家hotel 是超級極爛還發生過命案!!!天呀!!!剛好下週是大陸黃金週...大陸人都跑去玩很難訂到中價hotel.....請各位幫幫忙.....


i have see many many online book website and ask many travel agent , they also say rooms full booking.....

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    NY hotel is expensive already, even the regular at least $200 USD, and you know cheap hotels are reserved by the 大陸人 already, becuase is cheap, so why dont you try to book some hotel which is expensive, but in a good locations such as Mandarin Oriental or The Westin ( located in Times Square) , although at least $400 per night , but at least is still vacancy. And have a good quality. And sometimes you can get special offer in the internet.

    I usually go to to book hotels, air tickets.

    You can go there to try !!

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