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Founded by Jim Stewart in 1968 as the "Wet Whisker", an ice cream and coffee shop in Coupeville, Washington, Seattle's Best Coffee was known as Stewart Brothers Coffee from 1969 to 1991, when it took its present name.

Seattle's Best Coffee was joined with Torrefazione Italia Coffee to form Seattle Coffee Holdings (SCH). SCH built a single roasterie for both brands in 1995 on Vashon Island, Washington. In 1998 AFC Enterprises purchased Seattle Coffee Holdings and changed its name to Seattle Coffee Company (SCC). During AFC Enterprises ownership SCC's Roasterie received many upgrades and created Seattle's Best Coffee's organic coffee line.

AFC Enterprises (owners of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, Church's Chicken, and Cinnabon) fell on hard times in an accounting scandal in 2002. Its accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, had been hiding losses and an investigation resulted in the de-listing of AFC Enterprises stock. AFC Enterprises was forced to sell the SCC portion of its business to Starbucks in 2003. Starbucks subsequently closed the Vashon Island facility and moved production to their Kent, Washington roasterie.

Seattle's Best Coffee has retail stores and grocery sub-stores in 19 states and provinces, the District of Columbia and British Columbia, Canada. It has recently been learned that the 5 stores in British Columbia have been acquired by Blenz Coffee, a competitor to Starbucks in British Columbia.

The Borders bookstore chain signed a contract with Seattle's Best Coffee in 2004 to convert Borders' in-store cafes to Seattle's Best cafes. As of 2006, approximately two-thirds of Borders' domestic superstores have completed the Seattle's Best conversion. Seattle's Best parent company Starbucks Corporation has contracted with Borders' competitor Barnes & Noble to operate cafes in B&N superstores under the Starbucks brand. Starbucks also owns and operates locations within Chapters and Indigo Books and Music Bookstores in Canada.




Update 2:

Seattle's Best Coffee is a specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler based in Seattle, Washington, USA. It became part of Starbucks Corporation on July 14, 2003. Its international division is owned by FOCUS Brands, Inc.

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    由吉姆・Stewart 建立在1968 作為"濕頰鬚", 一家冰淇淋和咖啡店在Coupeville, 華盛頓, 西雅圖的最佳的咖啡知道作為Stewart 兄弟咖啡從1969 年到1991 年, 當它採取了它的當前名字。

    西雅圖的最佳的咖啡被加入了用Torrefazione 義大利咖啡對形式西雅圖咖啡藏品(SCH) 。1995 年SCH 建立了一唯一roasterie 為兩個品牌在Vashon 海島, 華盛頓。在1998 AFC 企業中被購買的西雅圖咖啡藏品和變成它的名字西雅圖Coffee Company (SCC) 。在AFC 企業歸屬期間SCC's Roasterie 接受了許多升級和創造了西雅圖的最佳的咖啡的有機咖啡線。

    AFC 企業(Popeyes 雞所有者& 餅乾, 教會的雞, 2002 年和Cinnabon) 跌倒了困難時期在會計醜聞。它的會計師事務所, 亞瑟・Andersen, 掩藏損失並且調查導致從表上刪除AFC 企業股票。2003 年AFC 企業被迫賣它的事務的SCC 部份對Starbucks 。Starbucks 關閉了Vashon 海島機構和隨後移動了生產向他們的肯特, 華盛頓roasterie 。

    西雅圖的最佳的咖啡有零售店並且雜貨次級存放在19 個狀態和省、哥倫比亞特區和不列顛哥倫比亞省, 加拿大。它最近學會, 5 個商店在不列顛哥倫比亞省由Blenz Coffee 獲取了, 一個競爭者對Starbucks 在不列顛哥倫比亞省。

    疆界聯鎖書店2004 年簽署一個合同用西雅圖的最佳的咖啡轉換疆界的在存放咖啡館對西雅圖的最佳的咖啡館。2006 年自, 疆界的國內大型商場的大約三分之二完成了西雅圖的最佳的轉換。西雅圖的最佳的總公司Starbucks Corporation 收縮與疆界的競爭者Barnes & Noble 操作咖啡館在B&N 大型商場在Starbucks 品牌之下。Starbucks 擁有和並且操作地點在章節和靛藍書和音樂書店之內在加拿大。


    西雅圖的最佳的咖啡是專業咖啡販商和批發商根據在西雅圖, 華盛頓, 美國。這成為了一部分的Starbucks Corporation 在2003 年7月14 日。它的國際分裂由FOCUS 品牌擁有, 公司。

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