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因地理資訊系統(Geographic information system,GIS)的普遍推廣,近來地域與犯罪的關聯又再度受到重視。再加上師從石計生(C.S. Stone SHIH)教授1所學「地理資訊系統社會學」的緣故,對於犯罪現象與環境區位研究的關懷,重點除了分析都市與鄉村的環境差異,以及安全空間的營造與規劃外,更期盼能夠擴大運用社會學的想像以人文主義地理取向、都市政治經濟學、空間社會學、次文化地理學、社會資本與社會網絡理論的基礎,進行重新思考。










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    Study the outline of the plan:

    Because of the geographical information system (Geographic information system, general popularization on GIS), region and crime related to pay attention to once again also recently. In addition, the teacher is from a cause to study ' geographical information system sociology ' of the professor of the stone family planning (C.S. Stone SHIH ), as to crime phenomenon and environmental position care of research, focal point analyze city and rural environmental difference, and the construction and planning outside of the safe space, expect even more that can expand the imagination which use sociology with the geographical orientation of humanism, city political economy , space sociology , culture geography once , social capital and foundation of the social network theory, think again.

    And the organization expected to study sets up and orders literature of Hall University to study the department for Kyoto . Professor 2 of department of the Guangxi Zhan Autonomous Region of the Yanks of this department specializes in the combination that the influence on the complicated environmental position of human geography and advanced GIS used the method , have a set of unique opinions. Mostly ' have technology and lack and analyze, there are theories to be poor in operation skills ' out-of-balance phenomenon that different from now.

    Because talk about the closing and connecting with of the crime and position of Taipei mainly in my master's thesis. So basically, this research will go on in term of relatively studying, will probe into the regional crime state of Kyoto and similarities and differences of Taipei in terms of human geography.

    2007-09-30 14:41:04 補充:

    Learn to be can be regarded as containing in studying in the humane positioned in the crime position, to put it briefly, learn to he life style of the community influence or impel the production of the illegal activities I n the space distribution of the crime t in the crime position;

    2007-09-30 14:41:24 補充:

    In addition, different community environments, because its density of population , traditional habit , economic condition and society control ! -The ones that waited for the factor are different; there will be a different crime that will appear too.

    2007-09-30 14:43:45 補充:


    2007-09-30 14:44:07 補充:

    By the look of every data, the crime rate of the city of Beijing is well below Taipei, so the chance to hope to make use of this research to be exchanged even more, can study and prevent and cure knowledge that the essence helps to the crime to some ,

    2007-09-30 14:44:57 補充:

    is it annotate to go on by state with GIS to crime by technology especially, clear deep crime distribute the pattern in expressing in plain picture layer, can get the conclusion not losing the bias in having analysis of humane accomplishment .

    2007-09-30 14:45:45 補充:


    Booked the outline plan in the above namely this research.

    1, 2 is supplementary in the relevant reference material column

    The purpose and meaning of this research:

    2007-09-30 14:47:48 補充:

    Hope to study satisfactory to both more parties knowledge via originally exchanging the plan of studying, and make use of this time to academic research achievement of income that Japan carry on, space and relation of crime, annotate and understand again ,

    2007-09-30 14:48:05 補充:

    hope that there can be clearer understanding to the crime phenomenon in the space, in order to form and defend the argument made and solving.

    2007-09-30 14:50:01 補充:

    Finally, lead the crime to prevent and cure the making of the theory in studying the science; and assist a ruler in governing a country the practice puts the design of the thing policy to torture.


    2007-09-30 14:51:32 補充:

    Use GIS technology; come to divide high crime ranges and prevention and cure tactics setting up melting from the crime distribution, social environment and position relation of focuses individually.


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