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Family background

My name is Tony. I was born in a warm and big family. Both my parents pay lots of attention to child education. My father, a professional and industrious factor worker, did not receive a good education because of poverty in his childhood. He considers it necessary to let child get higher degree in order to have competitive ability in society. He sent my sisters and me to a English school to learn English well. My father thinks it important to let children expose themselves in a full-English surrounding so that children may get familiar to second language.


My mother, compared to my father, is a beautiful and gentle “Venus.” She often does outdoor activities to keep a shape.

Update 2:

She says, “Only balancing diet and regular exercises are two best way to keep healthy.” Therefore, we often go mountain-hiking on weekends.

Update 3:

My sisters and I are still attending school. Both my two sisters study in Chung-Tai, the central Taiwan University of Science and Technology. My grandparents live with us.

Update 4:

Besides, I did not make good grades on the tests; my mother would encourage me not to give up. She said, “The grade you get now is not your ‘life grade’, and you will get a better and perfect one in your future.”

Update 5:

I study in Department of Foreign Language and Literature (FLLD). Until now, I have received lots of trainings of literature and linguistics.

Update 6:

These lessons provide me another point of view to everything and how people get the first and second languages.

Update 7:

Among these courses, I have great an interest in EFL Materials and Methods.

Update 8:

What and how to teach to students are key difficulties to teachers. I had a practical training in junior school for one week. It is the most interesting training because I had to face students rather learn the teaching theories on books.

Update 9:

Furthermore, I also major the Teacher Education. I am glad to teach students English because I like this “interactive” atmosphere between teacher and students, or even “friends to friends.”

Update 10:

In sophomore, I was the leader of general affairs in FLLD. I had to design the activities to our group members. For instance, the hot pot is the most tiring but interesting activity in October.

Update 11:

For instance, the hot pot is the most tiring but interesting activity in October.

Update 12:

My group members and I went to the traditional supermarket to buy the food and some groceries. Although the preparing work was tiring, we had a sense of achievement because we finished a difficult activity.

Update 13:

Then, I was a tutor in junior. I taught junior high school students. Although the students might be naughty or absent-minded, I would use my interesting body language or games in class to catch their attention back.

Update 14:

For example, we use the “role play” in class. Students might be interviewee or actors while I was the interviewer or director. There teaching techniques can make a good atmosphere in class.

Update 15:

Now, I am a grammar teacher in the club of English Corner.When I taught English, I often used the articles in my section. I often look some good articles and make them be the teaching material.

Update 16:

When I was a senior high school student, my English teacher, Mrs. Lu, influenced me a lot. She often used the visual aids (pictures or videos) to make students learn the lesson quickly.

Update 17:

Among those famous magazines, StudioClassroom is my favorite magazine because its usefulness and content validity. That is, the texts are concerning about daily life information and perfect English use, rather than bookish one.

Update 18:

This attracted me a lot and I eagerly wanted to be a teacher. Now, I have attended the EFL courses and had a practical training period. Furthermore, I prepare graduate courses because I want to reinforce myself in English teaching.

Update 19:

For example, the lesson is the “The history of pop corn,” she made pop corn in class while explain the history. Thus, the atmosphere in class is good.

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    Source(s): 滿多人在上面討論求職英文翻譯的事
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    不知道這篇自傳的目的(閱讀對象)是誰 也許應該先印出來整理一下會比較清楚

    比方My grandparents live with us. 移到開頭講家庭那一段 對big family 先說一下成員才知道how big it is 然後提到父母 姊妹 自己的學習過程 希望將來成為....

    如果希望成為english teacher 那就不只是conversation 而必須更有條理的列出你的學習歷程 學到些什麼 又是怎樣幫助你具備教學能力

    文法如果多注意一下應該可以自行修正吧 .... 加油

    聽過toast masters club嗎 (還是已經加入會員) 是一個自助的演講會組織 很多地方都有分會 可以幫助提昇表達能力 參考一下吧

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