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    Fellow colleagues, because outside this time taught already had been in echelon full up, next will affect in echelon your on the spot personnel's dispatch, will therefore postpone one after next in echelon, embarrassed, asked respectfully the excuse me, if had the most recent news, will tell you in the first time, must go to the staff who attended class, paid respects the row of good duty agent, do not affect the overall work, thanked the coordination.

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    The cram school sum is full

    Each colleague, because of the turn of this outside Xun already the sum was full, the next turn will influence

    The your scene personnel adjusts a degree, so will postponed bottom turn, embarrassed, forgive please

    , If there is latest news, meeting at and at that time tell yours, having a class of employee, send greeting to arrange good duty agent, don't influence whole homework, the thanks matches with.

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