因為工作範圍相當廣泛複雜,可說是大大小小的事物都要涉獵;甚至平時也要多自我充實,擴增自己的知識與見聞,因此在專長進修方面我ㄧ直不敢鬆懈。在資訊發達的今天,具備電腦技能是相當重要的。我對於Word,Excel,PowerPoint,Outlook,Project,PhotoShop,Oracle,Windows XP等電腦應用頗為熟稔。我的英文能力具有聽說讀寫中等的水準,只有具備專業能力的人在社會上才有競爭力,因此只有督促自己不斷地學習與強化,才能跟得上潮流的變化。

素仰 貴公司優異的工作與學習環境,前來應徵,並有信心自己能將工作職擇掌握好。希望有機會能得到賞識而成為大家庭中的一員。

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    How are you, my name is a XXX, studying in the social work department of the University of Taipei continuing education department bachelor's degree class currently, graduating due to next year June, so want to promote an own work ability, and learn social experience, in this application work.During the period of school I the gram guard a student originally to make great effort to learn, and own a good social interaction.On the other hand the character is delicate and careful of I have a method more and pay attention to a detail more than the other people in the aspects of working.

    Have already worked up to now from the study for 2~3 years, working experience, past social experience lets me learn the professional knowledge of[with] many dissimilarities.Because I in working originally always with all one's heart, and be enthusiastic about to help others, therefore colleague and the supervisors are all rather affirmative to my performance.The principle that I work is to musts be responsible for, earnest;And delicate idea, can make out an each thing perfect.

    Because the work scope is rather extensively complicated, can be treated as various things all want to study haphazardly;Even also want to have another ego to enrich at ordinary tiems, expand own knowledge and general knowledge, so study the aspect my ㄧ to keep daring not to be slacken in the specialty.At information flourishing today, having the computer technical ability is rather important.I for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, PhotoShop, Oracle, the Windows XP's etc.'s computer application is very well-experienced in.My English ability has to hear to read and write medium level, only having the person of[with] professional ability to just have a competition ability on the society, so only speed up oneself learn and enhance constantly, talent with have to ascend the variety of current.

    Plain Yang your company is excellent


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