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One beforedawn morning I watched a young, married man help his very expectant wife into their small pickup truck, and I prayed for their safe arrivals--couple and baby. A few days later I saw Mom carry the new bundle into their home for what I presumed was the first time.


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    bundle可以指an item, group, or quantity wrapped for carrying (被包裹起來之物)

    英文裡可以用Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!


    嬰兒的誕生假如一個新新的bundle of joy來到這個世界,要告訴這對驕傲的父母"Congratulations!"假如你不確定寶寶的性別,繼續問下去,"Is it a boy or a girl?"。假如他們拿照片給你看,你一定要說:"She's adorable!","He's so cute!" 或是"She takes after her mother!"

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    我認為應該是的, 你的解釋是對的, 就是指新生的小孩子包在布包或是小毯子裡.

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