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what languages did Ben Franklin speak?

i looked on the net but can't find anything. Help me please

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    It looks like he spoke quite a few...

    "He wrote the most delightful bagatelles in the English and French languages..."

    "By 1732 the indefatigable Franklin had taught himself to read, write, and translate German fluently. He gradually studied French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin, attaining a reading knowledge of them all. "

    "Other projects failed. Franklin started America's first German-language newspaper, Philadelphische Zeitung (6 May 1732), which soon languished. In partnership with Johann Böhm, he published the Philadelphier Teutsche Fama in 1749 and 1750, but Böhm died in July 1751. The next month Franklin started America's first bilingual newspaper, Hoch Teutsche und Englische Zeitung, which was discontinued after thirteen issues. "

    from American National Biography

    Lesley the Librarian

    Source(s): J. A. Leo Lemay, . "Franklin, Benjamin";; American National Biography Online Feb. 2000.
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    Nice question. Certainly he spoke English, and I'm thinking he probably spoke French as well as Latin. Those would have been langauges that educated men of his day would have been expected to speak; possibly Greek as well, for the same reason. However, I don't know for sure - just an educated guess.

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