I have nipples that are blistered and sore, I'm pumping and feeding my 3 week old but I'm not healing, HELP?

I've seen my lactation consultant and my OB they think it may be a yeast infection. I've been using monistat for 2 days with no improvement and I'm also on anitibiotics given by my OB for a mild case on mastitis for the last day. My nipples and areola are bright pink with clear blisters on the ends. After pumping I also look like I have bruising on the ends of my nipples. Lanolin doesn't help. My lactation consultant said she had never seen nipples as bad as mine and that possibly I'm having an allergic reaction to the plastic from the pump. My setting on the pump is as low as it can go. Now that I have no clue what is going on with me latching on my son is the last thing I want to do. If my nipples don't heal in 2 weeks I'm going to quit.

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    GIVE IT A FEW WEEKS AND IT WILL GET BETTER, REMEMBER IT CAN TAKE UP TO 3 OR 4 MONTHS B4 U CAN FEED PAIN FREE. BUT After that its the most simple thing to do, good luck dont give up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): mum of 4, suffered badly with blistered nipples, i know the pain, took me 4 months with 2 of my babies to heal worth every bit of pain im actually breastfeeding my 9mth old as i type this, xxxxxxxx
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    Blistered Nipples

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    Ouch! Sorry to hear that.

    If you aren't already, be sure you're consuming an active pro-biotic in your diet to counterbalance the antibiotics you're taking so you don't (re)infect...like activa yogurt. Sorry about the nipple thing. I went thru it too when my son would pull off and take the nipple with him..lanolin helped but not much. Have you tried a nipple shield? If you don't react to it, it couldn't hurt to try just to save your nipple from additional pain --- some baby's don't like them too much but with practice, who knows. If you need to express and find the pump not working for you, try it manually with the aid of warm compresses to help it flow. Did the consultant have anything to say about your latch? In "theory", it's not supposed to hurt.

    Most importantly, maintain your sanity! I will tell you what no medical professional would tell me: It's okay to quit b. feeding if it's not working out. No one wants the liability I guess. Babies do just fine on the bottle too don't forget. It doesn't make you a bad mother. Your mental health is as important as baby's physical health. I thought my doctor would get after me when I told her at 4 months I was finally throwing in the towel but she didn't bat an eye lash. Guess all that pressure was all in my head.

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    Are you sure your flange is the correct size? (It's the cup that goes over the breast.) The standard size is actually too small for most women. There should be about 1/4 inch of space between your nipple and the sides of the flange, and it should suck at your areola as well. Look carefully after pumping - if you see a ring of dead skin, your flange is probably too small. Getting the correct size can help with the pain, as well as making it easier to pump. You could also try lining the inside of the flange with lanolin cream - if it is a plastic allergy, this can help protect you a little.

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    Oh my gosh! They probably don't have time to heal, a 3 week old is eating, what every 2-3 hours? If you are bleeding, I would back WAY off. Maybe nurse every 3rd feeding or so, just to keep your milk going. Did they rule out thrush? Once they feel better, you can bring your milk supply back up as long as you dont stop breastfeeding all together. our bodies are amazng like that. i quit breastfeeding my second son like 3 times, i kept changing my mind after a couple of days, each time it came right back as soon as i started at it again. id give yourself a break! Put some lansinoh cream on em and let them air out, your husband will enjoy that!

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    I suffered fromt the same problem during my first few weeks and I was feeling devastated because breastfeeding was very important for me. One of the tips I got from breastfeeding consultants and even my own mother is to rub some of my own breast milk onto my nipples. Your breast milk has a lot of benefits including some healing capabilities. I really hope this helps!.

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    I had yeast really bad with one of my babies so I can sympathize with you. The antibiotics you are on can't possibly be helping since they usually are what causes yeast. I also had mastitis with my first so I feel for you there too. For the yeast, you need to call a herbalist for advice. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what she had me use, but it worked. Also if the baby is not being treated too, you will not get better, you'll just keep passing it back and forth when he is nursing.

    good luck getting cured. there's nothing like yeast to ruin a good nursing relationship.

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    Stop pumping. Try switching nursing pads. Lansinoh pads wick water away from the nipple. Try using ice on your nipples before nursing. Let your nipples air dry then use lanolin. Ouch, it sounds really painful.

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    Have you tried Genetian Violet? It's a type of anifungal medication that is safe to put on nipples and for babies to have in their mouths, it's used to help treat thrus. Try keeping your breasts uncovered when you are at home, because yeast and other fungal infections like warm dark places and can grow even more. It makes your boobs and babies' mouth purple but it helps. Try your local pharmacy for it, Walgreens I know sells it online.

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    Maybe you can try to apply your BM on the blisters. BM has its natural antibiotics and need not to worry your baby consume on the cream applied. It works on me, hope it helps you too.

    Try to put on breast shield while latching at the meantime. Try to express BM just using hand if the pump cause allergic.

    Try not to quit BM & don't even think about it. If you have that in mind, you milk production will be decreased very soon.

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