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Has anyone here tried Bare Minerals?

I have uneven skin tone and light freckles. I use liquid faundation but it only lasts for an hour or two also I've noticed that it clogs my skin pores and causes acne. I would like to try bare minerals but I want to know if it really covers up freckles and evens out skin tone when you use it.

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    bare minerals is the absolute best make-up i've found in over 28 years. it evens out skin tone, covers well, and stays on all day. a lot of my friends use it also, and we range from fair to olive to dark, there is always a perfect shade for any skintone. my skin is very dry & sensitive, this make-up has actually improved my skin a lot, it doesn't look cakey, or make your face oily, or shiny, you just look like your skin is naturally flawless. bare escentuals has been in business for 30 years, has won major awards (glamour, allure, in-style, etc.), and is the only brand recommended by the national skincancer foundation, because it is actually good for the skin. i recommend getting one of the starter kits (i prefer the "original" one at ulta), it costs 60.00, and includes 2 shades of foundation (use the lighter to spot conceal), mineral veil, brushes, warmth (bronzer), glee (blush), and the how-to dvd. this kit should last you about 2-3 month. the full size foundation is 25.00, and lasts me about one year, that's how little you need, be sure, to watch the dvd, or you'll use too much. try it out for yourself at any ulta, sephora, macy's, or nordstrom store, to see, how you like it, before making a decision.

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    I absolutely LOVE Bare Minerals. It does work, and it does leave your skin looking flawless. There are several drawbacks, though. It can get very expensive because you need the special brushes, plus the base, and the blush, and the 'mineral veil', etc. I hear that several drug store brands (L'Oreal) are coming out with their own mineral-based makeup. Another downside is that the fine powder eventually gets on everything (including your clothes) and wherever you apply the makeup becomes very dusty and dirty very quickly. I found this to be the main reason that I quit using Bare Minerals. It was too much work to clean up. However, if they ever change their packaging I will consider going's by far my favorite makeup.

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    NO. But here's why: there is a better and cheaper alternative out there that you can order on-line and get FREE samples. I know I sound like a salesperson, but I've been using this stuff for a year now and I love it so much I have to tell people.

    It's called Everyday Minerals and they have more color choices to choose from and how can you go wrong with free samples (that last more than a week + shipping which is relatively cheap).

    Here's the website:

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    Nothing really covers up freackles unless you apply TONS of makeup which you shouldn't do. Bare Minerals it a natural looking porducts that lots of people use. It give you an even and fresh look to you face. You should get the pack of four. Remember if you by that, the bronser goes a long long long way.

    Good luck.

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    yes I have tried it and it really sucks in certain ways. It does cover good but it makes your face look really shiny(they call it glowing). It makes your pores stand out, makes your face look dry(highlights all the dry spots..lines ect) and looks too cakey. I'm 27 and I have way too much unused ones sitting in my drawer cause they would not stop sending it to me. My husband hates how it looks on me. I went back to my liquid foundation... I'm not the only person that hated it. But to each his may work good for you. I have olive toned skin and bare minerals did not have a color for me. I tried a few but none of them were right. Give it a never know it may work wonderfully for you/.

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    It made my skin very dry but then again I have very sensitive skin. It didn't match my skin tone either. But you can try it out, many people are crazy about it and you can return it if it doesn't work for you. I got mine at Sephora and they offered a full refund when I brought it back.

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    well, im ging to buy it soon!

    I went to sephora and tried it on though, it was amazing

    My skin is always dry and rough, and never feels pretty, but it was silky soft after bare minerals. ALso, when i tried it on I had a big pimple right in between my eyebrows and it was also red around there. I put bare minerals on and although it didnt cover up the pimple 100% it eliminated the red and reduced the pimple appearance. although, if you put on waaay to much it can get heavy. If you put it on right though, it truly works wonders!!

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    i've tried it, and it does even out skin tone. my skin looked fresh ans smooth. However, i dont use it cuz they have a horrible color selection. The only way i could use it if i mix (and buy) two shades. i dont have the money for that nor the time to mix the shades.

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    OMG i swear by bare minerals.I am pretty pale with uneven skin and light freckles,like you.Just a little bit of it and my face looks and feels awesome.I won't wear any other foundation.It doesn't cover if you have bad acne.But just for skin like yours its perfect.

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    Yes, and now that I have I don't see how I ever lived without it! It gives such a bright, natural appearance and baby soft feel to your face. No, it doesn't cover quite everything, but come on, if it did it wouldn't be natural looking. My acne has also cleared up and my face is brighter. You've got to try it!

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