Help me to locate'Dimestore Decorating' book?Please?

This book is not to be confused with 'decorating on a dime.....'.very close, but is called 'Dimestore Decorating'.It is not as new a book as the other.I'd love to own it,as it seem's to have a lot of 'shabby chic' decor which I love.Thank's a bunch. lafleur!

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    Wow..I navigated all over the place and found it mentioned, but no where to purchase it. You could try Barnes & Nobles "archive" at a location near you. For what it's worth I could suggest this book...maybe you've seen it. It's quite good.

    Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic: Treasure Hunting & Decorating Guide.

    "Celadon greens, mint and seafoam; dusty roses; ivories, creams, and faded grays; a touch of pale sky blue; crisp, clean whites..."

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