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Ist here a time when keeping the numbers of a population down can help the animal whose population is being controled?

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    Of course. Any environment has a carrying capacity. This is means that it can only support so many organisms. To make this a simple as possible, consider a 5 acre grass field that is fenced in. This could easily support 1 or 2 horses. They would have plenty to eat. But if you placed a stallion and mare in the fence and allowed them to have as many foal as possible, soon there would be so many horses in the field that they would starve to death. In a natural environment, the numbers are controled. Wolves kill deer, which keeps them from eating all of the vegetation. When the wolf population gets too big, they start to starve because they eat too many deer and then their population goes down too. However, when man takes the wolf out of the environment, the deer get too plentiful. In the case of deer, man becomes the substitute deer.

    This effect can be seen every year in Yosimite National Park. There are not enough wolves to keep the elk population in check, and hunting is not allowed. Elk starve to dealth and as they lie there dying, crows begin to eat them. It is horrible to witness.

    Source(s): I am a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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