how come the MLS?

has quite few teams

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    MLS has 13 teams and are planning to expand----soccer will grow in the US, but one step at a time. The people running MLS seem to have made pretty good plans (a lot of people said they would never last 3 years) and they will find their way.

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    First off, it's been a difficult first 12 seasons for MLS and it's just starting to break-even. I think they've done a good job controlling expenses while growing the sport in a country with so many sports choices. They finally got a decent TV deal and most of the clubs have or building soccer-specific stadiums. There are still a lot of challenges left (other than increasing the quality of play):

    1) How to get better TV ratings? I think MLS Primetime Thursday averages only a 1.0 viewership rating... Not only does MLS compete against baseball, football, and others... It competes for American viewers with EPL, UEFA Champions League, etc...

    2) How to keep the best American players from leaving MLS to Europe, without breaking the bank? It's great to have Beckham, but the league is really driven by the quality of American players.

    3) How to increase ticket sales and attendance at matches that don't involve David Beckham?

    The league started with 10 clubs in 1996 and then added 2 more in 1998. Then they contracted (admitting failure) by two clubs (Tampa Bay and Miami). It's tough to contract a league in America... Look at the NHL's mess today, and potentially MLB with certain teams. Then they added two more clubs in 2004 (Chivas USA and Real Salt Lake). Finally they added another one this season (Toronto FC) to make it 13.

    Next season, the San Jose Earthquakes return to MLS. The league expects two more clubs to be added for the 2009 season to make it 16. Today's reports are saying Seattle will be one of the clubs. Philadelphia and St. Louis are the two contenders to be the 16th club.

    I think the objective is to eventually field 18 clubs for MLS which is the "recommended by FIFA" size. After that, it will be anyone's guess... The easiest next step would be to increase it to 20 clubs. But what would happen if there's more demand? mmm... Do we start talking about a second division (creating one or merging with USL) and a promotion/relegation system? It's still too far in the future though...

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    Playmaker and Johnny Bravo are both right and also, the MLS is still quite young compared to the more established leagues. Next year there will be 14 teams with the return of the San Jose Earthquakes, which will be a re-expansion team. The league does want to expand to 20 teams from what I last heard and it will in due time. We need to be patient and wait because in the next few years the league will likely have more than 14 teams. I'll be surprised if there aren't more than 14 teams 5 or 6 years from now.

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    san jose earthquakes

    arre the new team for the 2008 season.

    atelast now it be 14 teams. Also america from mexico

    is suppose to be a new America USA or somthing for the 2009 season. i read that like q year ago idj if still gonna happen

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    the A-league only has 8 teams and for the same reasons mentioned above. they want to make these clubs financial before introducing others and growing the competition

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    They will progress slowly and make more teams in the future.

    Since they havent been around for long enough.

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    for the same reason

    there are quiet few fans

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