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In ohio if the driver is ONLY 16 does every occupant in the vehicle need a seatbelt? Also when your 16 they say no more than 1 non family member can ride in the vechice without a parent does cousins count? and if so do you need to be carrying a proof?

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    All of this is under Ohio Revised Code "4507.071 -Probationary license"

    For the seat belt question, yes. Everyone in the car must have one available and be wearing it. Once the driver is 18 only the driver and front passenger has the requirement to wear them.

    For the 1 passenger under 17 yrs of age question, you can only have the following people count as a family member;

    - A spouse;

    - A child or stepchild;

    - A parent, stepparent, grandparent, or parent-in-law;

    - An aunt or uncle;

    - A sibling, whether of the whole or half blood or by adoption, a brother-in-law, or a sister-in-law;

    - A son or daughter of the probationary license holder’s stepparent if the stepparent has not adopted the probationary license holder

    Also if you are under 17 you cannot be driving between midnight and 6am, if you are under 18 between 1am and 5am, unless you have a parent with you.

    Hope that answers your question.

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