I'm relocating to Pittsburgh or Cincinnati withing the next 6 months. Need some info on both places.?

I'm moving to Pittsburgh or Cincinnati within the next 6 months to attend mortuary school. I've already been accepted to the schools in each place. Whichever place responds to me first with a job is where I'm going. I'd like a little more info about each place before I make my final decision though. What's the cost of living like? Meaning, how much money do I have to make in order to live without struggling. Who are the major employers? How hard is it to find a job? What are the best areas of town to live in? (I'm looking to pay rent in the area of $450 or less). I won't have a car so how hard is it to get around in these places without a car? In order to help my responders here's a little info about myself. I have a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. My work background has mostly been corrections, substance abuse and mental health. I live in Columbus, Ohio and if you make $25,000-$30,000 then you're doing ok and not struggling.

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    Both have a very low cost of living, lower than Columbus - Cincinnati is slightly higher though.

    In Cincy, Procter & Gamble, Fifth Third Bank, and Macy's are some of the largest companies.

    Pittsburgh's economy revolves around service based industries. Health care is tops, followed by financial services, tourism, and hi tech industries. Major Emplyers are UPMC Health System and PNC Bank.

    I know it's not your question but in my opinion Pittsburgh is the nicer city. It's more scenic. Has better amenities. More cultural assets including theater and world class museums

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