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Who were the six founding fathers?

The most important ones.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Founding Fathers are those political leaders who participated in the American Revolution as leaders of the Patriots.

    Not sure which six your looking for and have never heard of the founders being reduced to only six. The three major foundational documents of the United States of America are the Declaration of Independence (July 1776), the Articles of Confederation (drafted 1777, ratified 1781) and the Constitution of the United States of America (1789). There are a total of 143 signatures on these documents, representing 118 different signers.

    Signatures on the Declaration of Independance

    John Adams

    Samuel Adams

    Josiah Bartlett

    Carter Braxton

    Charles Carroll

    Samuel Chase

    Abraham Clark

    George Clymer

    William Ellery

    William Floyd

    Benjamin Franklin

    Elbridge Gerry

    Button Gwinnett

    Lyman Hall

    John Hancock

    Benjamin Harrison

    John Hart

    Joseph Hewes

    Thomas Heyward, Jr.

    William Hooper

    Stephen Hopkins

    Francis Hopkinson

    Samuel Huntington

    Thomas Jefferson

    Francis Lightfoot Lee

    Richard Henry Lee

    Francis Lewis

    Philip Livingston

    Thomas Lynch, Jr.

    Thomas McKean

    Arthur Middleton

    Lewis Morris

    Robert Morris

    John Morton

    Thomas Nelson, Jr.

    William Paca

    John Penn

    Robert Treat Paine

    George Read

    Caesar Rodney

    George Ross

    Benjamin Rush

    Edward Rutledge

    Roger Sherman

    James Smith

    Richard Stockton

    Thomas Stone

    George Taylor

    Matthew Thornton

    George Walton

    William Whipple

    William Williams

    James Wilson

    John Witherspoon

    Oliver Wolcott

    George Wythe

    Signatures on the Constitution

    Abraham Baldwin

    Richard Bassett

    Gunning Bedford, Jr.

    John Blair

    William Blount

    David Brearly

    Jacob Broom

    Pierce Butler

    Daniel Carroll

    George Clymer

    Jonathan Dayton

    Andii Wind

    John Dickinson

    William Few

    Thomas Fitzsimons

    Benjamin Franklin

    Nicholas Gilman

    Nathaniel Gorham

    Alexander Hamilton

    Jared Ingersoll

    Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer

    William Samuel Johnson

    Rufus King

    John Langdon

    William Livingston

    James Madison

    James McHenry

    Thomas Mifflin

    Gouverneur Morris

    Robert Morris

    William Paterson

    Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

    Charles Pinckney

    George Read

    John Rutledge

    Roger Sherman

    Richard Dobbs Spaight

    George Washington (president of the Convention)

    Hugh Williamson

    James Wilson

    William Jackson (Secretary)

    Delegates of the Constitutional Convention who did not sign.

    William Richardson Davie

    Oliver Ellsworth

    Elbridge Gerry

    William Houston

    William Houstoun

    John Lansing, Jr.

    Alexander Martin

    Luther Martin

    George Mason

    James McClurg

    John Francis Mercer

    William Pierce

    Edmund Randolph

    Caleb Strong

    George Wythe

    Robert Yates

    Others considered Founding Fathers

    Ethan Allen

    Richard Bland

    George Clinton

    Patrick Henry

    John Jay

    Henry Lee III

    Francis Adrian Vanderkemp

    Robert R. Livingston

    John Marshall

    Philip Mazzei

    James Monroe

    Thomas Paine

    Peyton Randolph

    Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

    Charles Thomson

    Source(s): I couldn't reduce it to six but the most significant founding fathers I could come up with are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton Wow, I hate reducing the Founding Fathers down to even 8. Can't stand to leave out the contirbutions of so many others.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay (I know that's seven) seemed to be the most important of the Founding Fathers, but it's really hard to judge who were the most important. We had many Founding Fathers who all contributed significantly to the founding of the United States.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, James Madison, Patrick Henry, John Adams,

  • Ruth
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    1 decade ago

    Well, as you probably know, there was actually 70 appointed individuals to the Constitutional Convention. However, a number of them did not attend. This would include Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry,Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams and, John Hancock. These six did NOT attend the Convention. In all, 55 delegates did attend but, only 39 actually signed the Constitution. The delegates ranged in age from Jonathan Dayton, aged 26, to Ben Franklin, aged 81, who was so infirm that he had to be carried to sessions in a sedan chair ( a hand carried transport with a seated occupant). So, to answer your question, depends on how you view as to who the most important six were. Here's a web:

    Source(s): Personnel knowledge. The web.
  • 6 years ago

    The reason why you are asking for six names is because there are a few select names which are the most popular and widely referred to which you obviously are accustomed to only hearing about. If you look up information about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. you will see that many highly intelligent people contributed to our nations most invaluable documents, and these documents should be revered as such until the end of time.

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    5 years ago

    No, they may well be heavily unhappy approximately this republic they gave us, the previous 7-8 years in specific. They created an earthly state, yet we've allowed faith to infiltrate it exceptionally heavily, and have drifted into questioning that's what they wanted. on each occasion the rustic gets scared, we clamp down on freedom of expression. we've abused and tortured detainees in Guantanamo and someplace else, we've carried out worse in specific "black sites" (secret prisons run by way of the CIA), we've flown over a hundred people who are not even accused of crimes to places like Syria (which WE declared area of the Axis of Evil) to be tortured. And this administration OKed torture on the utmost point, utilizing convoluted good judgment to redefine "torture" so the information now no longer meant something, so they might say they do no longer do it. additionally, this administration controlled to amass an excellent quantity of skill interior the administrative on the price of the different 2 branches, and (probable worst of all interior the long term) the yank human beings basically spoke back to that with a shrug. We as a human beings now no longer understand why the Founding Fathers set up assessments and balances and gave us assured rights.

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  • rxing
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    1 decade ago

    george washington , john adams, thomas jefferson, benamin franklin, madison,hamilton

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