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Anonymous asked in News & EventsMedia & Journalism · 1 decade ago

Who would want to follow this?

"Jackson had been exposed…as an extortionist who uses his influence as a civil rights leader to essentially blackmail wealthy corporations with absurd discrimination threats.

"While some of those tactics have been published in the past, this special report offers detailed information – never before released – gathered during the discovery process of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and the subsequent trial. It also includes incriminating admissions from Jackson made under oath at trial."

Among Jackson’s shakedown tactics highlighted in Judicial Watch’s report:

* Jackson lobbied the Federal Communications Commission to prevent media companies seeking government approval to merge until they donate money to Jackson's Rainbow/Push.

* Jackson publicly chastised Toyota for running an ad Jackson deemed “racist.” Even after Toyota pulled the ad, Jackson threatened a boycott against Toyota to force the company to launch a $7.8 billion “diversity program.”

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

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    I would believe this. I think he is two faced. He is using his color for his own benefit. I hope it comes to light just how devious he can be. Of course, people will say someone is framing him because he's black.

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