Have you ever been to colombia?

Ive heard that it is like several countries rolled into one. Why do they say that? What other countries does it resemble? And also, I know that the culture is very diverse but in what way. I mean what areas are so different and why?

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    In Colombia there are many different cultures living as one. I you go to the atlantic coast you'll find (first of all) the heat and beautiful beaches and a lot of commerce. The costeños speak really really fast and you live your life as if you were in Miami. There's the San Andres Island and here there is a lot of tourism and people speak in a weird mixture on english and spanish. This resembles a little of Hawai. The pacific coast has the most beautiful beaches and landscapes but also the greates poverty, people live like africans but surrounded by paradise. At south there's the amazonas jungle that only resembles to itself, is beautiful but dangerous. It's a half discovered place where the "civilization" hasn't arrive yet. In the central part of the country there are the most important cities, Bogota, Bucaramanga, Medellin, Cali. Bogota being the capital is a very modern city, Bucaramanga is a city that still feel like a town and in Cali there are a lot of industies specially related to sugar and the american capital of salsa dancing in medellin you find a lot of industry too and is considered the capital of beautiful girls. Being pretty is a civilian duty in medellin! In this central part of the country the temperature can go from nice (about 21º) to really cold (to -5º) there are no seasons but as you travel you feel a hughe contrast in the weather from one place to another.

    I can talk for hours of the country but I don't want to tire anyone so good luck on your research!

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