Is prosecuting Michael Vick on state animal cruelty charges over kill? Are prosecutors out of control?

The grand jury passed but hasn't he been punished enough?

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    Personally I think this is WAY overkill. I am no fan of Michael Vick and always thought of him as an overrated quarterback who gets paid WAY too much for what he did. But this is getting ridiculous. The man will never be an Atlanta Falcon again, it's likely he'll never play in the NFL again, he's lost hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts and endorsements, and it's likely he'll serve 24 months or more in prison. And all for dogfighting?

    Meanwile there are NFL players out there who are found guilty of vehicular manslaughter, DUI, DWI, assault, weapons, drugs, rape, and who return to the NFL no worse for the wear. Go figure.

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    The state and Federal quotes are distinctive. Federal quotes utilized to the playing, state quotes prepare to the animal cruelty. that isn't the comparable. besides the you may properly be prosecuted interior the state and then Federally for specific drug quotes and a plethora of alternative crimes, they're distinctive quotes. based on a pair of alternative posters: sure different gamers have commited worse crimes, yet that would desire to not make this one much less significant. It gets extra information time by way of fact Vick has been interior the spotlight plenty. Crossing state traces for those quotes has not something to do with it.

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    Well, whatever it takes to make sure that his football career is over forever, could not be considered overkill. Michael Vick is out-of-control. I just don't want more American kids thinking that it's ok to break whatever law you want as long as you're good at playing a game. Money drives the league, not character. When he gets out, some team will pick him up because he can run and throw. I'd like to see prosecutors go the extra mile more often to make sure that the correct example is set.

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    OVERKILL??? Hardly...If you mean he has been punished enough, because he has basically lost his job, that's between him and his "employers." The judicial system has not punished him, yet. Gosh, if that was the way things worked, a murderer shouldn't go to jail if he loses his job for killing someone. If Vick has SIMPLY gone to dog fights himself, that might be one thing, but he raised dogs for fighting, he put on the dog fights, he tortured and killed the poorly performing dogs, AND he ran a betting operation on the fights. The only reason he is not up on charges for racketeering (which carries a VERY long sentence) is that he plea-bargained to the lesser charge. So, at the very least, he deserves the MAXIMUM possible charge on the lesser charge.

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    Until he is punished as much as he punished those innocent animals, or at least given a taste of what he gave them, he has not been punished enough.

    I sure wish people could stop with the "haven't they suffered enough?" plea for criminals whom they happen to like (only famous criminals, of course). It's getting ridiculous. Paris Hilton suffered enough because she was embarrassed. Martha Stewart suffered enough because she was inconvenienced. Michael Vick suffered enough (for slaughtering innoncent animals for fun) because he was embarrassed and his career was negatively affected.

    And some people say he's being persecuted because he's black. Yes, and Charles Manson was persecuted because he's white.

    Give me a break...

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    Prosecutors are totally out of control Nifong tried to destroy the lives of 3 good students that HE KNEW WERE INNOCENT so he could win an election. Because they were rich enough, they proved what Nifong did. His punishment? ONE DAY IN JAIL. Paris Hilton got more than that for driving on a suspended license.

    These prosecutors are beating a dead horse, for their own aggrandizement.

    Its because Vick is black. The prosecutors are racist. The man plead guilty.

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    His actions are the result of a depraved individual. Cruelty to animals is a serious problem and usually indicates a sociological disorder.

    Animals have NO legal rights in this country. Therefore, we need to insure that they are treated humanely through the enforcement of criminal codes addressing these types of aberrant behavior.

    Further, is THAT the type of "role model" we wish to over-pay in the NFL?

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    Animal cruelty laws in this country have been SO lax for SO long...I kind of welcome this. Alot of people treat animals so carelessly, it's about time a message is sent. Michael Vick just makes it more public....

    I have no tears for the guy....and I don't think it's overkill.

  • Jadis
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    1 decade ago

    The only real way justice would be served in this case is to feed that SOB to those poor dogs.

    Since that will never happen, a lifetime cleaning up kennels at the local ASPCA would be nice...I highly doubt he'll serve any real time.

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    1 decade ago

    Sorry, but I simply can't feel sorry for this man or any other person who demonstrates such cruelty to other living things, whether it be human or animal.

    This might serve as a good example for those who are still using these animals for 'sport'.

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