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Guild Wars second profesion?

Is there any advantage or disadvantage in NOT taking a second profession in Guild Wars?

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    There is at least one quest in each game you HAVE to have a secondary profession to clear. In a couple of the games you can give those missions a miss, though, skipping your secondary profession.

    That there is NO benefit for NOT taking a second profession. You don't have to use it, you could just have it for the sake of having it. If you do you'll have the option of flipping your character from one extreme to the other or mixing and matching as your needs demand.

    For instance, I have a Nightfall Dervish/Monk. The ONLY monk skill I use is a reusable resurrections skill, I've avoided everything else in the monk class. On the other hand I have a Ranger/Monk that is almost as much monk as ranger.

    Also note that at some point in each game you actually gain the ability to switch your secondary class. This way you could theoretically create a character that knows ever skill in the game. (There's a title for that.)

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    Well in Prophecies you need to take one in order to complete the mission in Pre-searing Ascalon. The advantage is it opens up new skills and attributes. There really is no disadvantage. You are limited to the armor of your primary class. You don't have to dump points into the new attributes. Your health and energy do not change so if you're a warrior/elementalist your energy level will be there are disadvantages, but if you're a tank and you rely mostly on adrenaline skills and sometimes want to make the horde of enemies on you disperse a rain of fire would help. Or if you're a warrior monk and need some extra health you can heal yourself.

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    I'm pretty sure all the campaigns require you to have a 2nd profession in order to progress in the storyline. I could be wrong though.

    Having a 2nd profession opens up another entire set of skills for your character to learn and use. Don't be afraid of picking a "bad" 2nd profession. Almost every combo has good points and bad points. Even if you pick something you later find that you hate, you'll have the opportunity to change it later in the game.

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    Heroes Audience

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    There's no point in not taking a secondary class, but there are some builds that make good use of not using the secondary class.

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