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請幫我翻譯_這段英文 ((不要用翻譯器









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    1 decade ago
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    My most unforgettable learning experience came from an article, it taught me the importance to judge things by their interior aspects rather than the exterior and that what you see might not be true.

    The Story started as below:

    Once a very wimpish boy who was so coward that he wouldn't dare to try anything before his girl friend has tried it. His girl friend felt very discontent about that.

    That day, they went to the sea but were very unlucky as they came across a prowling shark. At the same moment, the boy said "let me try it first this time" and suddenly pushed the girl under the water. The girl swam very hard. She was fortunate enough as the shark only made the boy his target and that she got rescued by a nearby fishing boat. Once on board, the captain said: "what a brave boy, may god bless him"

    The girl anwsered coldly: " I wish the shark could bite him to death, he just pushed me down to the water to save himself"

    The Captain responded with surprising tone: " No way, I just witnessed

    everything with my binocular. After he pushed you, he cut his arm using a knife which was a very dangerous act as sharks are extremely sensitive to the taste of blood. If he didn't do so to lead away the shark, you probably won't have a chance to be here now but killed by the shark.

    Truly, people tends to only trust their own eyes, believing what they saw as the truth or fact. I think by taking the position of the girl, even myself would also taken the boy as a coward to push me down in the sea. However the truth was that he was trying to save me. " things can not be judged by its appearance, what you see might not be the truth" . I think that I will always remenber this quote! this is my most unforgettable learning experience

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