Is the best way to avoid students from cheating in an exam is by letting them refer to their notes?

what is the effect?

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    I think you mean prevent rather than avoid. But to answer your question, that's a fair way for a teacher/professor to find out exactly what the students are learning in class and how much attention they're paying to the salient points. It's certainly a wake-up call to some when the test scores come back.

    One of the best ways to prevent cheating is for the proctor to sit/stand in the back of the room just observing the class. If a student turns around the teacher's eyes are immediately on him/her. The student takes a big chance on asking someone else for an answer. Another good way is for the students to pile their cell phones on the teacher's desk before the test starts. Prevents any chance of text messaging answers.

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    No. If you do that, they will not study anything since their notes will be their crutch. Instead, make it clear that cheating will be grounds for an immediate 0 on their tests. Also, what you can do is, on test days, have them leave their book bags and pocketbooks at the door except for a pen or pencil, and if they have computers on their desks, tell them to either put the monitors on the floor (for the flat screens) or turn the monitors so that the back of it is facing them. However, this is most effective if it is implemented at the beginning of the semster instead of in the middle.

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