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Pokemon Question?

Q#1: What color hair does the girl character from Crystal have?






Q#2: Who is taller, Ash or Gary?

They're the same height

Who's Gary?



Q#3: How does Feebas evolve into Milotic?

Leveling up


Water stone

Eating Pokeblocks

Q#4: What does Missingno do?

Messes up your game

Gives you unlimited coins

Razor Leaf

Eats your Pokemon alive

Q#5: Can you hatch a Ditto?

If you have two other Dittos


Why would I want to?


Q#6: How tall is Pichu?





Q#7: Which Pokemon does Gloom evolve into, and how?

Bellossom, with a Leaf stone

Bellossom, with a Leaf stone or Vileplume, with a Sun stone

Vileplume, with a Sun stone

Bellossom, with a Sun stone or Vileplume, with a Leaf stone

Q#8: Which one is not a Pokemon video game?

Pokemon Puzzle League

Pokemon Sapphire

Pokemon Green

Pokemon Park

Pokemon Channel

Question 20: Is Pokemon FUN?



Don't know


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    Phew! Long question! (No offense!)

    1: Blue

    2 Gary

    3 Eating Pokeblocks

    4 Messes up your game

    5 yes

    6 1"00

    7 Bellossom with Suns stone or Vilplume with Leaf

    8Pokemon Puzzle league

    20 yes

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    1. Blue.

    2. They're about the same height.

    3. Pokeblocks. Now in DP it's through Poffins.

    4. Messes up your game, if used wrongly.

    5. Yeah, through breeding with two Dittos.

    6. 1 Foot.

    7. Gloom can evolve into two Pokemon, Vileplume with a Leaf Stone, and Bellossom, with a Sun Stone.

    8. Pokemon Park is not an official Pokemon game.

    20. First of all, it's opinion. But, on my point of view, yes and no. Yes for overall, no on some parts.

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    Q#1: Green

    Q#2: Gary

    Q#3: Eating pokeblocks and leveling up are the closest answers but none of them are correct. Feebas evolves upon leveling up once his/her Beauty is maxed out.

    Q#4: Messes up your game, but it enables you to use the Rare Candy Cheat to get unlimited Rare Candy.

    Q#5: No

    Q#6: 1'00"

    Q#7: Bellossom, with a Sun stone or Vileplume, with a Leaf stone

    Q#8: Pokemon Park

    What the hell happened to questions 9 through 19????

    Q#20: Yes but only if you get into them.

  • 4 years ago

    Pokemon Crystal was locked out ever since the Game Boy Advance came out, this means there is no way of communicating between the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Color cartriges. Not only are they different formats but the slot for the GBA games on the Nintendo DS does not support Game Boy Color cartriges, in other words, they do not fit. This is quite a bummer because I had level 80+ in Pokemon Gold.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Purple

    2. They're the same height

    3. Friendship

    4. Messes up your game

    5. No

    6. 1'00"

    7. Bellossom, with a sunstone, or Vileplume, with a leaf stone

    8. Pokemon Puzzle league

    20. YES!!!! :)

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    1. blue

    2. there the same height

    3. eating pokeblocks

    4. messes up your game

    5. yes

    6. 1'00"

    7. bellosom with a leaf stone or vilplume with a sun stone

    8. pokemon park

    20. yes

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    1-i don't own crystal anymore (messed up)


    3-eating blue pokeblocks (sapphire,ruby, & emerald games)

    4-i don't know never caught it



    7-bllossom with a sun stone & vileplume with a leaf stone

    8-pkmn park

    9-yes it's fun i'm playing ruby right now on my red gba sp

    Source(s): time-2:01 am age-35 owns-sapphire,ruby,emerald fire red,leaf green, mystery red,& diamond & pearl
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    1. I dont know.


    3.Eating pokeblocks

    4.Messes up your game




    8.Pokemon channel


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    Sorry but you don't allow email THANKS for the best answer but can we talk about wat you have I need shiny pokemon do you have IM or Email on yahoo ??????

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    too much questions but i know most of them ^^ may later i will snawer them

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