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How to become an Exchange student?

I want to be an exchange student (to USA) from the UK next year (2008/2009).

how would i go about doing this? I will be 16 in July this year (2008). Any websites? Will i be able to pick my exchange "family" and the state i goto?



my school doen't have a guidance counselor.

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    We hosted an exchange student this year and he came over using the terra lingua program. It was alot of fun but be prepared for culture shock and being homesick that first week. Usually families pick the student that they want to host by looking at your profile but when you apply you can apply for certain parts of the US and also if a family picks you and they are not what you are looking for you do not have to accept, I need to mention that boys are usually harder to place so if a family picks you I would really think about rejecting them because you could end up just stayind with the chaperone. For some reason everyone thinks that girls are easier but we always take boys because there are so many that have been accepted and have no host family.

    Here is another site that other family members have used in the past:

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    You have to speak to your school guidance counselor,and you must have your parents permission.Believe it or not you will

    love the United States.Then after use get that settled with your parents and guidance counselor,pick the school you want to go to,make sure that school is at a good environment,and have your parents transfer your records to the school you want to go to.Get a passport,and things you are going to need with you to the U.S.Figure out which American family your going to stay with.I hope this answers your question,good luck on your journey

    to the U.S.A

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