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Attention Environmental Studies majors, what job do you hope to get after you graduate?

I am thinking about majoring in Environmental Studies, but I'd like to learn more about the job opportunties available.

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    Hello, liveoak8007!^_^

    Environmental studies are basically divided into 2 parts:

    1. Environmental Engineering

    2. Environmental Science

    For the first orientation, after your graduation, you may probably become an engineer, design/install instruments regarding environmental control/monitoring.

    Also, you can design the controlling circles of industrial process in order to decline the pollutions in the course.

    You can also be an officer in EPA/CDC(centers for disease control)....etc.

    For the latter orientation,the most suitable job is to be a researcher in national/local academy of science. I know many scientists doing research about ambient air quality---Black carbon, aerosol...and so on. Source air quality---Mercury emission in coal-fired power plants.

    I myself was an automation major student in university 4 years ago. But after graduation, I got a job in Thermo Electron Corp.'s Environmental department. I don't know when I found my passion to learn Environmental related knowledges. This year, I changed my job and become a supervisor of HSE(Healthy,Safety,Environment) management in an oil company in China.

    I'm very proud of contributing my wee bit power to this noble career.

    Source(s): My personal working experience.^_^ I'm Belinda, I'm living in China. English is not my mother language, thanks for reading.
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    I hope to do something inter relating environmental science with development and hopefully work for an NGO

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    I am a student architect -final year- and enviromental studies help us out alot ... may be u can join some archtiectural company , or landscaping company ...

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