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Any new modle for Dewart cordless drill?

I was looking for new a cord less drill . I only belife on dewart products so I need dewart .

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    why buy a dewalt when you could buy many others for the same amount of money. dewalt is made by black and decker and we all know that black an decker is junk. a long time ago dewalt was a fine tool but they made large industial machines then black an decker bought them just like when home depot bought rigid they turned to complete crap for the do it yourselfer. i perfer either a milwakee or a bosch i use them eveyday and they are the best. i also have have a dewalt but it stays in the box because it died after a couple of weeks of use however the milwakee is 12 years old and all the batterys still hold there charge. dewalts are crap.

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    I was looking for cord less drill .I was not having any option for drill Then I had a look on the website with more option on coredless drills .

    Just go to

    where you can find the drill more specific dewalt cordless tools please have a look



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