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英文作文超急 唔該幫幫忙

英文 Compostition Plan 幫忙超急


編寫一個故事用past tenes








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    It was my own experience and I will never tell anyone again in my life. Long time ago in a quiet night somewhere at a park, I saw an UFO suddenly appeared form the distant endless universe and it stopped right on top of the moving green next to me and started to land. Its descending was slow and silent and I felt like the whole world has vanished at this moment. I was not sure if I should run or take the chance to experience this one in a life time adventure, when I was about to reach my decision, some part of that UFO open like a door but unlike OUR doors it was like a piece a wall just melted then a hole was formed. I was not sure what to call or describe the next things I saw but surely they were living things with intelligence because they talked to me without opening their mouths. Unexpectedly, a beam of light shined on me and I didn’t feel and heat or uncomfortable about it, then the next thing I knew was they have captured me because I could see the dimension around me was not Earth anymore. At that moment a began to realize the danger of the situation and started to cried in fear hopelessly. However, a voice came into my brain which calmed me down immediately because it was a language I understood and it said:” Please don’t be afraid, we came for peace and will never try to harm any human being. We just need some information of the this planet for our study and will not disturb anything or anyone.” I heard them and all the suggestion and prediction about alien from the books and movies I learned before came to me, then I started to ask questions but there were no answer. The only thing I did the whole time was thinking, thinking about all the thing about human from the history I knew to what I ate for dinner that night. I knew they were doing this in order to gather information from my memories but I didn’t have time to think about that because the views outside the window were fascinating, I saw all the nine planets of the solar system with the closest look that I believe no human has every imagined. I didn’t pay much attention to how long it has been but suddenly, I was back to where I was standing before and the UFO had gone but I knew it was real because in my hand there was a shining marble which was came form those aliens and when I hold it in my hand, I could feel someone is talking to me like a playback from a radio and it said,” thank you my friend, we got what we need and in return, here is a creation from out civilization it will help you make your life better and easier on Earth and please use it wisely.



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