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我想問問有d咩software或網址(免費)可壓縮相片? 我想把相放在yahoo既flickr相簿, 但許多相片容量太大(由MB轉KB), 好快滿, 請幫忙!

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    To compress multiple pictures into one file.

    1 ) Download Winrar from m/download.htm.

    2 ) Install Winrar

    3 ) Select all the pictures that you want to compress

    4 ) Right click and select WinRar

    5 ) Select "Add to XXX.rar"

    6) Then the XXX.rar will be in the same location as your pictures.

    To compress 1 picture so it has a smaller file size

    1 ) Open the picture using Paint (小畫家)

    2 ) Press Ctrl+W ( same as Image -> Stretch\Skew )

    3 ) Change both 100%s to maybe 70%s or 80%s

    4 ) And then save the file by going to File -> Save

    If you want to save as another file, go to File -> Save as

    我估你的問題係想張d相變造細張d...等個file size都減少

    好多software 都做到

    resize image >save as [filename].jpg

    *.jpg 個 quality 可以較低d咁樣, 張相file size可以細d

    不過做了以上的動作, 張相出來的quality會差d

    其實可以就咁張d相 zip左佢,..之後email俾人

    software list:

    For Photo resize



    infraview etc.

    For Zip


    winrar etc.

    首推呢種, 完全免費, 多功能圖片瀏覽及轉換軟件 : Faststone Image Viewer & Editor :

    下載 : http://www.faststone/ .org/ , 如你有用過 ACD See, 一定覺得好相似.

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