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    1.TV technology has progressed tremendously in the past one or two decades.From only three channels to choose,we can hold remote control to choose a lot of programs today.

    2.Whether this progress is good or bad for us?In fact,there are advantages-educationally,politically,and socially.A society with greater access to information has a greater chance of moving forward and helps democracy to thrive.Also Tv is a source of inexpensive entertainment.

    3.The disadvantages is TV can be a distraction from studying.And with a lot of violent programs ,adolescents may be more aggresive.Studies also shown TV dampens our creativity and make us more passive.There is no doubt TV can easily turn us to be coach potatos.

    3.The question is how we can strike a balance.The answer is simple:by using good judgment.

    4.One way to do so is to choose informative channels or use a timer to turn off TV automatically.

    5.With less TV in our lives,we'll be better off both psychologically and physically.

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