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    The godliness believes Christ of he, once at young make a wish toward the God the Father:

    "Want to are the social welfare work that the other people will not be." end, he makes selection to offer object by plant factitiousness.The Cao celebrated to offer for 20 years, mental exertion peaceful caring plant person, establish "create a life time social welfare a foundation", keep company with more than 400 lifes of soundly asleeps.

    "Offer" to him, already through is the all of life, 20 years ago such, 20 after year also BE!

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    Believe Christ's him piously, have made a vow to God when young:

    ' is it be social welfare that others do not can make work to want. ' the end, he selects and regards vegetable as the target of devoting. Qing Cao devote mental and physical efforts Ann raise vegetable, establish one year ' create generation social welfare foundation ', accompany more than 400 sleeping lives.

    ' devote ', for him, all of life already, before the one year like this, 20 years later also!


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