Who was the agent?

Who was the agent operating the false Mironov for the Soviets ?

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    Wilson discovers that it is the British operative, Arch Cummings, and he later tells him that he will realize his own, stated, worst fear, that of ending up alone and friendless. The discovery of the true identity of Mironov -- who is, in fact, Modin, as the real Mironov had revealed under extreme and brutal interrogation -- burns into Wilson's consciousness and conscience. He was forced to confront the reality of having had a Soviet double agent on his own payroll for years, and the duplicity of Arch Cummings brings up the entire real-life sordid affair of British moles like Kim Philby, the Queen's art collector Anthony Blount, and operatives Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess. The so-called "Cambridge Dons" were very effective in recruiting young men from prominent families or of high intellect in the 1930s, for the Communist Party. It also brings into question the assassination by the British of the literature professor 'outed' as a supposed German sympathizer by young Wilson when he was at Yale.

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