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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

why marie alice died in desperate housewife series?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mary Alice killed herself in the first episode by shooting herself in the head.

    (Spoilers follow)

    She killed herself because her son, Zach, wasn't really her son. He was Dana, the son of a former drug addict and Mike Delfino. His birth mother sold him to Mary Alice, who had been unable to conceive. Later, she came back and said she was off the drugs and wanted her son back. Mary Alice killed her and she and her husband Paul hid the body. She killed herself because she believed that someone had learned her secret - she received an anonymous note saying that someone knew what she did. I was actually from her next door neighbor (I forget her name) whose sister had been a nurse with Mary Alice and recognized her and Zach. Paul (Mary Alice's husband) found out about the blackmail and killed her, but her sister, Felicia Tillman, faked her own murder and framed Paul for it, which is why Paul is now in prison. Zach found out who he really was and killed his maternal grandfather, who was extremely wealthy, and inherited a fortune. He doesn't really have any contact with Paul or Mike.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mary Alice was trying to cover up the fact that she and her husband (Paul) stole their baby (son Zach) from a drug addict who was in rehab. The drug addict's name was Deidre and she was Mike Delfino's girlfriend. So, it turns out Mike fathered Zach. Deidre came back to reclaim Zach after she got out of rehab, but Mary Alice and Paul weren't having it. During the confrontation, Mary Alice accidentally kills Deidre. To cover it up, Paul hacks Deidre up in pieces and puts her body/bones inside a tore chest and buries under the pool in their backyard. Anyways, this information about the baby theft and murder were about to come out so Mary Alice killed herself to cover it up (and also because she was ashamed). This was revealed during the second season.

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  • sam
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    1 decade ago

    It was said that she pulled an unused revolver out her closet and ended her life.

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