Yuh know yuh is a Trini if....?

Yuh refer to all salt crackers as "Crix".

Yuh know the meaning of the word "obzokie".

Yuh own a cutlass.

Yuh know how to "scootch" somebody.

Yuh can name 3 types of mangoes.

Yuh call everybody "dread"

Yuh know what a "grip" is and struggle to keep it under 70 lbs. when yuh goin` back home.

Yuh know dat to "cuff" and "box" are fightin adjectives.

Yuh call every bee, wasp, or hornet a "jaxspaniard".

Yuh pronounce San Juan: "Sah-Wah"

Yuh tired of hearin "Who let da dogs out?" cause yuh know de original by Anslem is de REAL thing.

Old dub like "Ram-Ram" brings back some special memories.

When yuh leave yuh does "ride out" and yuh coming back "in a timing."

When yuh crossing de road, and cars speeding toward yuh, yuh does say "Well bounce meh nah!"

Yuh don't look at traffic lights when crossing de road.

Yuh does say, "Ah tell yuh!", even when someone else is telling you the story.

Yuh put salt on every citrus fruit yuh eat to make it sweeter.


Yuh can avoid potholes with true skills.

Yuh grow up on Klim, Milo, Horlicks or Ovaltine.

Speaking of that, yuh remember eating Ovaltinees, Smarties, Catch bars and Cheers candy?

Every carbonated beverage is called a "sweet drink"

A good lime is not edible.

"A beer is a....." (fill in the rest)

"Donkey's years" means a very long time.

Yuh clap with everybody else when de BWEE plane finally land in Port of Spain.

Yuh know what coki-eye is.

Yuh call it a car park instead of parking lot.

Yuh call chewing gum "tring gum"

Yuh always seem to meet someone yuh knew in secondary school or dey cousin went to school with you.

De bone taste jus as good as de meat.

"Haul yuh tail!" have nothing to with a moving truck....ENT??

Yuh give directions with your hands... even if it's in another state (yuh jus go up de road and when yuh see...)

Yuh say "Soooo looooong" instead of "Yes, I'm done" when somebody asked you if you finished the job already.

lol enjoy :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yuh mean to tell me "Sah Wah" is not the correct pronounciatian??????lol.Well light me blazes and call Johnny cause ah need ah drink,hee hee hee.

    Up till yesterday ah was arguing wit ah fren and tellin him that it pronounced Sah Wah and not San Juan how it spell.And hear meh nah..ah tellin him " ah is ah Trini so ah mus know how the place pronounce.Cyar cyar.Oh gorn ah laughing here till me sides hurtin.lol

    Trinisam now ah go hav to go and tell de fella that he was pronouncin it right and he not even Trini,steupssss,lol.

    This one take de cake.But yuh forget they does call everybody "horse" too.

    Thanks for the laughs :).Enjoy your night and GOd bless. :)

  • 4 years ago

    WELL I IS AH 4KING TRINI DEN !!!!! ooh gooorm ah well laff here Re$h jed yuh doing de dog ah favour. I break biche once but is not like it had classes it was de school Carnival show and de crew duck out to go cinema so dat doh count rite ?

  • 1 decade ago

    Trinisam that was very good you made me laugh. There are three packs of ovaltine biscuits in the cupboard right now lol and we always make sure to buy crix. I can't tell you how excited we were the first time we saw crix selling in Canada lol.

    That was good boy that was very good.

  • ohh goooooooood, tring gum - allyuh remember joe gum? lolz.

    And dont be hating on RAM-RAM - that was the original 'bruck out' song when i was going to school, i remember going to school party, and Ram-Ram playing loud loud, and d students all on d ground and thing, and den the teachers start to understand what Lady Shaba was saying in that song.lol Well i never hear music stop so fast. looooooooooooool

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yuh miss out Frico boy...

    When I was growing up it was phasing out but it used tuh have ah toy in de pan....

    An ah sure is only trini what know bout suck-a-bag

  • julien
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Sam yuh is ah boss dread .....talk bout ah crash course in bein ah Trini ! Leggo ah next one dey !

  • 1 decade ago

    everything you said there is so dam truth. i was so happy the day that i get crix in a store on long island, i told my brother i could get a heart attack rite now lol, but you really is a tru trini

  • 1 decade ago

    How about all laundry detergent is "Tide".

    And all toothpaste is Colgate.

    Or yuh mudder cutting yuh tail and telling yuh hush yuh mouth and tell meh quick yuh sorry.

    ( But ma, how ah go hush and tell yuh?)

    " Wat yuh giving back talks too".

  • 1 decade ago

    lol. That is so true. Meh hometown is Trinidad and i want to go bak.

  • duce
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    How true to all of the above, lol

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