How far is it from Laredo, TX to Mexico City, DF, Mexico? Should we go by flight or car?

mapquest/google maps isn't much help.

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    The time travel by car is 11 hours, and the road is a highway in good conditions. I'm living near Mexico City.

    Obviously by plane is faster, about 1:30 hours

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    I used to live in Mexico City and I would recoment not to drive. The conditions of the roads are terrible,and if the police sees you have U.S. license plates they will be stopping you all the time for routing check-ups to see if you're not transporting illegal stuff. I am a travel agent and I would recomend for you to fly. It's just about a 2 hr flt instead of driving for 17 hrs if your lucky.

    Let me know if I can help you with something else.

    Hey and don't worry about the ''Hoy no circula in Mexico city' Not being able to drive in Mexico City on certain days based on the last digits of your licence plate.

    This is only for locals with Mexico City Licence plates. If you are a tourist of course this does not apply to you.

    Let me tell you why this started.

    The government thought this was going to help with all the contamination and trafic in Mexico City. But they didn't realize people were going to buy more and more cars. Now the average person has 2 or even 3 cars. So the pollution doubled. Can you believe that. Well just an FYI.

    By the way check this auction out.

    Maybe you'll be interested.



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    You can't drive your car in Mexico City on certain days of the week, based on the last digit of the license plate number. If you violate this law, a fine will be issued in the region of 100 USD and your car will be confiscated.

    You may not drive between 5:00 am - 10:00 pm:

    Monday if your license tags' last digit is a 5 or 6.

    Tuesday - 7 or 8.

    Wednesday - 3 or 4.

    Thursday - 1 or 2.

    Friday - 9 or 0.

    Cars with license plates with letters only may not drive on Fridays.

    Environmental conditions permitting, all cars can drive on weekends.

    These rules are meant to reduce air pollution, and they apply to all cars, whether with Mexico City or foreign license plates. The only exception is diplomatic tags.

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    As everyone else said, it's quite far. Laredo is on the border with the state of Tamaulipas (eastern-most state of Mexico next to the US border) so you'd have to cross several states before getting to Mex Cty and the road is OK (highway) only in some portions of it. If you drive non-stop you might make it in 12-14 hrs. but I think it's better and safer to fly.

    Source(s): Live in Mex City
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    my husband and i go often...we live in laredo,tx. It usually takes about 10-13 hours driving, just depending on how fast you go and how many times u stop. And by plane you'll be there in about 1 hour and a's alot better if you don't plan on spending too many days there, but it can be a little expensive. Good luck, let me know if you need any more help!

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  • I've never tried it, but my guess is that it would take 2-3 long days of driving to get to DF from Laredo. Unless you really want that road trip experience, I think flying is a better option.

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    5 years ago

    Mexico City is very safe at night. I´ve gone to many bars by walking in the midnight alone and nothing happens. As I answered to you in a previous question. Polanco is a shopping spot with very expensive stores. Polanco is home of a vast Jewish and Spanish emmigrates.

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    It took us about 16 hours on the toll roads. It is a long and boring drive. Most of the roads are two way and you will get stuck behind tractor trailer trucks and stopped at check points. I will NEVER drive it again lol. You may want to look into flying.

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    About 780 miles, or about 18 hours driving time on mexicanm mountain roads. You should never drive after sunset in mexico. Really much better to fly , and not that much more expensive.

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    You should go by flight, it is very far.

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