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I want to paint some wood furniture with an oil based paint using a sprayer. What type sprayer do I need?

I don't need anything fancy, but something that will spray furniture and get a good coverage.

I've read about HVLP spray guns, but don't know if it's appropriate for what I'm wanting to use it for.

I have an air compressor without a tank. Is it possible to get equipment to use this as a spray painter?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In my opinion, there is no better way to paint furniture than with a high quality oil based enamel applied by an HVLP gun.

    The advantage of an HVLP gun versus a conventional gun is you can generate the necessary CFM (cubic feet per minute) to atomize paint at a much, much lower PSI (approximately 20-25 pounds for conventional versus 4-7 pounds HVLP)...4 pounds of pressure is like blowing through a straw...

    This lower PSI results in a much higher efficiency of paint to surface (approximately 60% conventional versus 96% HVLP) which saves time (in clean-up) and material (less product is lost in the air through overspray or "fogging").

    You can buy an HVLP gun that sprays directly from an air compressor (you will need an air regulator) or you can buy an HVLP system that includes the gun and turbine (a 3 or 4 stage turbine will provide better atomization of paint and result in a smoother application...4 stages are also the preferred turbines to atomize latex / acrylic paints). Either type will provide a similar efficiency ratio.

    Spraying with HVLP requires a little bit of practice. Spray a couple of scrap boards to get your controls (air & material) set properly and don't try and cover the surface with one or two passes. The best way to build a beautiful, smooth finish is to "mist" several application until the surface is thoroughly coated. Try and keep your gun within 4 - 8 inches from the surface and always keep your spray fan perpendicular to the surface being painted. Any further than 8" and you will experience "fogging"...anything closer than 3 - 4" will result in "bounce back" which is essentially the same thing as fogging. Bounce back and fogging are both factors that decrease your unit's efficiency.

    NEVER adjust your air pressure above that which is necessary to atomize paint. Increasing pressure beyond that point will not allow you to paint faster but will only result in more wasted material through overspray.

    Finally, don't even consider using airless spray for fine finishing (although many people do)...While (theoretically) you don't get overspray with airless, you will get bounce back in a big way...airless sprayers generally require between 300 - 1000 pounds of pressure to atomize paint and are designed for production work (large irregular surfaces such as drywall and concrete block walls for example)...At that amount of pressure, with a pump designed to kick out anywhere from 1/4 - 1 gallon per can't move that fast to coat furniture with the proper amount of film build...

    I hope this info is helpful...With the proper technique, you'll be able to create smooth, flawless finishes that look like a baked enamel. With proper adjustments to your material and air controls, you'll be able to spray in occupied areas with little more than masking tape as a drop. Good luck.


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  • Tom S
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    1 decade ago

    To get a "furniture" type of finish, an HVLP sprayer would be best, but they can be expensive. If you're not spraying a large amount of surface, I would recommend using rattle cans. An airless will work, but won't give as fine of a finish. You could use a cup sprayer with your compressor, you can get one for about thirty bucks at Lowe's or Home Cheapo. Practice on scrap with different pressures till you achieve the results you're after. You have to thin the paint, but it's not hard to do. Make sure you get a viscosity tester with the sprayer.

  • hi, if the furniture is not a large piece you could use spray can paint.i've used it befor on smaller stuff and turned out great.spray in one direction,letting off the button as you make the pass.put it on in at least 2 layers,letting it dry in between.if it is a larger piece,an airless with a size 15 tip.again you need to do it in layers to avoid runs.airless sprayers can be spendy.i have a campfield house 3/4 horse that runs about 400.oo from farm fleet store.this will paint oil fine,clean the sprayer good with thinner after.good luck.p.s.make sure you prime first.

  • Noell
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    5 years ago

    paint wood furniture oil based paint sprayer type sprayer

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  • Liane
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    5 years ago

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  • April
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    5 years ago

    Not an expert but I thought Enamel and Oil Based was same thing. Enamel is the best for wood furniture, it can be sanded and recoated and only gets better looking. Latex paints tend to tear and peel and in my opinion don't cover as well as enamel. If the wood is an open pore wood like Oak you may want to prime it or seal the grain first for a smoother finish.

  • 5 years ago

    Hvlp Spray Guns For Woodworking

  • 1 decade ago

    Ive had good results with the Wagner 1600psi sprayer. They're about 100.00 at the big warehouse stores.

    If you want to use your compressor, a paint store like Sherwin Williams can hook you up......

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