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Websites please tell me how to make one?

Hey does anyone have their own website? Like..if you do how did you make it? Was it for free? If so...can you tell me the website you used to make your own website?

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    well there are fre web hosting providers out there and in the beginning you probably will not even need your own domain name if you use one of those services.

    You should learn (x)HTML, CSS, JavaScript first then from there you can expand and learn a more powerful programming language like PHP or a database management system like MySQL.

    There are some applications out there that will make creating your website easier such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage they are what you see is what you get editors that will point out to you errors as you learn to code if you switch back and forth between code view and design view or use a split view screen.

    Becoming proficient at Adobe Photoshop or Flash can also be very valuable assets. Both of those programs are very expensive though so if your not building sites for money you may want to hold off on that. There is a program called GIMP which can be a very good image editing software though on the open source market.

    If you want to have your own domain name I would suggest you purchase it at .

    If you want to pay for your web hosting account to avoid the need to have others advertising on your site then I would suggest you click on the web hosting link I have on my website links page located at as I will get a referral credit if you do. I have done a lot of research into web hosting accounts and have not seen any that can compete with what they offer.

    You can learn basic (x)HTML from several places on the web including: (Also basic programming in other languages as well.) (Not Affiliated with the W3C)

    There are validation tools for HTML and CSS on the world wide web consortium website (W3C). The W#C are the people that write the international standards for both (x)HTML and CSS the actual specifications are available there as well at

    Another good resource many here forget about is all the bulletin boards and forums available that can help you to learn things as well.

    The nice thing about Web design work is if you see something on the web you can usually view the source read it and figure out how they did it. It can be interesting to see each others techniques as well as help you to get a better grip on understanding the language.

    One of the best printed resources I can tell you for this work is a book titled Dynamic HTML The definitive Guide Third edition published by Oreilly Written by Danny Goodman.

    This industry can be very consuming to a person fair warning.

    Source(s): I have been designing and developing web sites for several years The following are some examples my web work I am currently working on:
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    Hi. It really depends on what kind of website you are wanting to create.

    You can learn coding at (FREE) or if you don't want to do the coding, is also free and is good.

    If you are looking for a good webhost (where your website will actually 'live') I recommend godaddy. There is a link at the very bottom of my site at I've been using them for several years for sites such as:

    Feel free to email me with more questions if you like.

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    heres some links to some useful tutorials.

    heres some links to useful web hosters.

    You need to start off with the basics, html is the language used to code websites.

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