Has anyone dealt with severe hand tremors (called essential tremor)?

How do you manage when both hands shake? have you heard of any cures? Primidone is not working. The dr. said Mirapex is for Parkinson's and would not work for tremor. Life is becoming very difficult! Any suggestions would be welcome.

No wiseguys, please. This is a serious problem and needs serious answers, not jokes. There's nothing funny about not being able to use your hands.

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    Tremor is caused by a defficiency of dopamine that the brain produces. In Parkinson's Patients, the body's production of dopamine drops 80% or more. I know because I suffer from Parkinson's and have shaking like what you described. I take a combination of Carbidopa/Levodopa and Selegiline. These are to assist the brain's production and the body's retention of dopamine in the body, thereby reducing the effect of tremor. It does work.

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    Essential Tremor Youtube

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    my dad too has or had essential tremor.. it was to the point that he would have to wear a bib when he ate..and mom would have to help him sign is name..dad had triple bypass and was on so many medicines that the doctors couldn`t say for sure what made his tremors weaken.. but i think i do remember mirapex was one of the drugs.. he did not have Parkinson's..it`s worth a try (the mirapex) what can it hurt ask the doc.. again..

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    i suffer from cervical dystonia, on and off i get bad hand tremors. might be a longshot 4u, but after i get a chiropractic neck adjustment. popped , not using a activator! and after my adjustment, my tremors go away, until my neck pulls back into a bad spot, by my muscle near my c1 spasming, and pulling my c1 against my brainstem. youtube dystonia, watch 1st video, they have many videos of it on youtube, or type in tremors or hand tremors on youtube, might find some info there. from my experience, when my spine is not aligned correctlly, i get tremors. i drink no caffeen, or eat any cholcate, or whole grain foods, can trigger it 4me as well. any questions, please ask, i know alot about the body, since i've been suffering bad for the last 11 years. please email me you case and symptoms, and i will try to help, but my 1st guess would be your spine pressing on something, and you wouldnt even know it. they 1st thought i had parkinson's. please write me. a friend, im 34 white white male from the u.s.

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    I agree with D S. Limit your caffeine intake, and also it's very harmful to take other people's medicines, so please don't do it again - ever!

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