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when is there abercrombie BIG salessss like 50% of etcc cause i really wannaa know

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    Abercrombie never really has a certain big sale, it's more like there is a section of the store with a 50% off rack etcetera. I am signed up for the email list, and have been for quite a few years, but I never recive any mail notification regarding sales such as those you speak of. Besides a sale section in each store, the online clearence link is constantly updated.

    Good Luck! <3 Hope I helped<3

    Here is the link to both Abercrombie's and Abercrombie & Fitch's online clearence selection:

    By your question I am assuming you are a girl, if not I apologize for my mistake!


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    sign up at thier site and theyll send u an email and tell u.

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    i dont think they have one......wait.....yea the do!!!!! it is right after christmas b/c since they think that alot of ppl got a gift card, and b/c the new year would be coming up!

    Source(s): someone i know works there and told me
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    I dunno. I dress in smart clothing.

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