How do tax deed sales work in Santa Clara County?

How do tax deed sales work in Santa Clara County? How do they work in the surrounding areas? I heard that they are auctioned once a year through the county (February) but then websites like have them listed under the tax lien category (but a rep told me they are actually tax deeds) and it seems like you can purchase them online.


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    Go to Santa Clara County's website and click on Tax Collector. Here is information re: tax collector's office auctions:

    Tax sales are held once or twice a year. They are held when there are unpaid taxes (but the taxes have to be unpaid for several years and then proper notices have to be provided to all people with interest in the property before the property can be sold) <--this is detailed in the California Revenue & Taxation Code.

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    Tax Collector Santa Clara County

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    If you are talking about California, it is a tax deed state. That means you will own the property and have the liabilities with it. Tax liens are a bit safer but they are not in California. does not really help much and they charge people for things that are free. If you are looking for a web site to use for tax deeds or tax lien investing, go here:

    I really suggest though that you need to buy a basic guide on how to invest in these investments. It is dangerous to buy a tax deed because you own the property. The tax lien has no ownership rights and you get to earn a strong interest rate in most states. The best book I have read on the subject: Complete Guide to Real Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds: Learn in 7 Days by Don Sausa [isbn 0978834682]. The cheapest I found at the time was on Amazon.

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    Tax Sales work the same in the whole state of California. They go to auction once a year however you can't get clear title for 2 years on any improved property. So you have to sit on it despite what anyone tells you I've done tons of them throughout the country including your area. Also keep in mind you can't go inside them most of the time so if you're buying properties at auction you're really just gambeling.

    Also tax sales were better years ago today there's too much competition than one person can handle. I still do them but not really in california there are better sates for them. And yes California is a tax deed state if you're trying to information from sites like that aren't specialized in it then it's just not going to make sense. If you're looking to make money in tax sales, pre foreclosures or real estate period then you need to visit it's a real estate investment club that does only true wholesale properties. Not like your local clubs that bring in developers trying to sell new construction in dive markets like Las Vegas (actually saw one club in your area doing that last week) no they do only things that are wholesale check them out.

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    Scc Tax Collector

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