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What do you think the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) 's policy and penalties should be for "indecency"

on the "public airwaves"?? Also do you think these regulations should apply to cable tv to satellite radio programming and broadcasts that seem to incite hate and racism or spread lies and misinformation? I have no idea. Help me think the answer!!!!!!!

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    There should be none. In fact the there should not be a standard for deceny. With deceny standards the feds are saying they have a right to legislate morals. I have read the Constitution and no where does it say the Federal Government to dictate morals. Further as a taxpayer who funds the FCC why should I be forced to pay for them to censor my TV? If you do not like something or if you do want your kids to watch something then CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

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    I say f-it, if people get offended by stuff then they shouldnt be watching tv in the first place and if dont like what howard stern has to say, then DONT listen to him. I am all for freedom of speech and expression, too many people lsiten and watch just so they CAN get offended and beotch about it. Everyone needs to get over themselves.

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    lol are u in charles class

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