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Do Americans hate being the most respected people on the planet? 40's-70's folks around the world thought so.

I certainly thought so ......and many people around the world once thought of you as their "Freedom" fighters.

What happen? Got turn into a Jewish Milk Cow?

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    What we became after the hippies and Vietnam when we allowed the media and congress to start running our wars.

    Even a cursory review of the history of the world view of the U.S. will confirm that.

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    40s-70s if you weren't born rich your chances of becoming rich were a lot less than they are today.

    It's also true that if you're born rich your chances of becoming super rich are better than they were in the 40s through 70s - - -

    but like I'm constantly pointing out on this board, don't let the relative mask the absolute.

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