what is the best way to resolve corruption in the philippines?

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    I don't think there is a true best way to have it happen. Why? because the leaders that would take charge, if they are left without a party to challenge them at the same point....thoose leaders will become just as corrupt as the ones in office right now. It won't start out that way...but it will end up that way...

    It's getting the phillipines to adapt a more democratic system...wether it be a 2 party, 3 party or 4 party system.....the only way to keep things in check is to make sure that at all government levels there is adaquate representation by elected leaders who have only so many years they can serve the people before they would have to step down. Is the system perfect, not a chance. Is it better than what is going on there right now...you bet. I know the phils have come along way over the last 50 years...but they still have a long ways to go.

    Part of the problem is that the phils need to work on education and infastructure problems....a smarter citizen base, is a better, harder working citizen base. A better infastructure.....(better hospitals, railroads, shipping, police, fire departments, red cross access in emergancies, airports, roads/highways/bridges/dams)...means a more hopeful nation and one that will start to thrive.

    This will take time to achieve...and it will take patience on the part of the people to get there. However, if they don't feel they have a voice in the government...they won't ever feel like there is that hope for a better country. That's where it starts.

    It will require the government to spend the money out to make it come back.

    Allowing outside corporations from other countries to come in as well....(limited amount...but enough to create a business boom, working with men like Donald Trump to get tourism from the USA and Europe on the rise would help tons, because it would provide additional revenue which leads to more jobs, better education, hospitals...etc).

    Getting farming, fishing and tourism back on track....are highly important as well. People have to put their differances aside for the good of the country. That isn't an easy task...but a neccesary one if the Phils are to turn things around and truelly show what they are capable of.

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    1 decade ago

    Birth control. Right now, the birth rate and population growth rate in the country is simply too high. Look at all the asian 'tiger' economies that developed rapidly in the 60's, 70's, etc. All of that development took place at a time when birth rates fell quite a bit.

    You see, when the birth rate is so high, unfortunately, you end up with a lot of uneducated, stupid people. And they vote for former actors and other such figures. But the actors and children of politicians are merely the puppets of larger, more powerful interests.

    So, it comes back to birth control, then better education, then economic development, then people will demand more of their services, and will not tolerate as much corruption.

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    More cops, prisons, judges, schools and other jobs. Most of the people in prison are there because they stole food. They have also been fighting a small force of rebels for decades. It's not like the rebels could hide in the ocean. They are stuck on a few islands.

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    1 decade ago

    waaaaaaaaaal ! hire the QE2 load the entire Philippine Public Service and Congress on to it then sail to over the Mindanao Trench and open the sea- cocks - sip San Miguel Beer as it settles

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    1 decade ago

    I know this sounds bad but look at Guam why do you not let the US take over for you we could give you money and jobs and we would get something out the deal to.

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