Where are the children?

50,000 children go missing every year..that was the statistic yrs ago,its probably more now,where do they go?In most cases bodies are never found.

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    We can only speculate. I suspect that there are 'far more' rapists, kidnappers, serial killers, 'and the like' in existance than believed. They are like cockroaches, for every one seen, there are a hundered in the walls. (Scarry huh?)

    Many children simply leave home due to bad circumstances at home. [Rape, Mental Abuse, 10,000 reasons]

    I have had the un-fortune to live in very 'bad neighborhoods' especially Nashville Tenn. (Dickerson Road area) where SEVERAL vagrants disappear each day. Most cases never even make it into the news papers, because they are 'John or Jane Doe`s. (Mostly Janes that were 'Be Right Back' hookers.) or things to do with drugs.

    Most problems with people 'gone bad' are due to lack of financial resources and lack of education. A person becomes desperate and dangerous when they feel they have

    nothing to live for and there life is an agonizing one!

    The only thing these people are being helped with are the soup kitchens available. They need far greater help than others are willing to give. Persons that have never been there , done that, have NO CLUE what HELL this is.

    There solutions to these problems, but, the bottom line is, no one is helping enough.

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    A few years ago in Phoenix the remains of 2 children were found in a storm drain.. The children had been dead for several years.. They were killed by their mother, their bodies were placed in the storm drain by their mother and her boyfriend..

    The storm drain in question was in a very populated area... I personally had passed over and within feet of the drain 100's of times never knowing what was below me..

    This illustrated that a body (especially that of a child) is easily hidden even in an urban setting... Now think of all the rural land around and its not very surprising that bodies are not often found...

    I have personally searched pasture land on my farm for the remains of livestock that has gone missing I can tell you from experience the body of a lamb, about the size of a small child (under age 12) is difficult and sometimes impossible to find when I know it's in a fenced 6 acre pasture.. Think about the difficulties in finding the remains of a child in square miles of land assuming you know where to search in the first place...

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    1 decade ago

    I don't think all of them are abducted by predators that kill them. I believe that many children are put into brothels throughout the world. Others are abducted by other people for various reasons and many are just simply runaways that disappear into the crowd. We'll really never know.

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    Yes it is all very sad, and I am a father of 3, but I fail to see the significance of your question to this forum !!!

    Blessed Be... )O(

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    Bizarre. I hate to conjecture.

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