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Bare minerals make up?

I have been seriously thinking about perchasing the Bare Minerals make up and I was wondering if any of you ladies out there have tried it? Did you like it? does it really improve your skin quality with usage? Does it really cover as well as they say it does? Those infomercials make it look so great but I am still somewhat skeptical. So, if anyone out there has tried it please give me your open and honest feed back.......

Thank-You everyone!

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    bare minerals by bare escentualsis the absolute best make-up i've found in over 25 years. and no, it doesn't make your face greasy, how could it, it is 100% pure mineral powder, no oils involved ! the company has been in business for 30 years, is publicly traded, has won several awards (glamour, allure, in-style, etc.), and is the only brand recommended by the national skincancer foundation, because it is actually good for the skin. my skin is dry & ultra sensitive, i have tried many brands since i first started wearing make-up, most irritated my skin, or looked fake. bare minerals looks & feels natural, covers well, stays on all day in heat & humidity, and has improved my skin a lot. i love it, i've been using it for 6 years now, and my skin is healthier & younger looking. try it out for yourself at any ulta, sephora, nordstrom, or macy's store, to see, how you like it, before making a decision. the starter kits are 60.00 (i prefer the "original" one at ulta), and last 2-3 month. the full size foundation is 25.00, and lasts me about one year, that's how little is needed. make sure to watch the how-to dvd included in the starter kit, otherwise you'll use way too much.

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    Bare Minerals Wiki

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Bare minerals make up?

    I have been seriously thinking about perchasing the Bare Minerals make up and I was wondering if any of you ladies out there have tried it? Did you like it? does it really improve your skin quality with usage? Does it really cover as well as they say it does? Those infomercials make it look so...

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    Bare Escentuals Wiki

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    I know all those Bare Mineral lovers will give me thumbs down for telling the truth to you.... but here goes DON'T DO IT.... its all an info commercial scam its packed with bismuth which is a chemical by product of lead , its a form of arsenic and you can look it up yourself on the Internet, the main ingredient in bare minerals etc.... is BISMUTH I can not understand why women can me so fooled because they see a commercial with a celeb and they follow and buy like a cult !

    I am a free thinker and research and try, I try it when I got it I read the ingredients and it was against my better judgment but tried it so I could be knowledgeable and talk from experience, and guess what I broke out and my skin was so irritated it was horrible I tossed it and I in good conscience could NEVER RECOMMEND SUCH A DANGEROUS PRODUCT !

    any way I have been using a liquid powder mineral foundation from a company that is organic and natural google bee luscious cosmetics their mineral foundation has never had bismuth in it and it works awesome, my skin is clear and flawless now.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I found Bare Minerals to be cakey and that it looked like "old lady makeup" on my skin. I don't have wrinkles at all, but this made me look like i did. I have normal to combination good skin with no blemishes or marks, so I switched to tinted moisturizer and have been alot happier. I do have to say though that it works great if you need to get your picture taken alot, like at a wedding or party. It evens out your skin tone very well for photos.

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    I use bare minerals and it works great! I wouldn't reccommend it for someone who wants to find something that would cover extreme acne or dark spots. It is great at enhanceing your natural beauty. Worth the money.

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    Okay, so I'm 13 years old, and EXTREMELY acne prone.

    Seriously, like, zits everywhere. It's absolutely ridiculous.


    I've been using bare escentuals make up, the entire collection, for about 2-3 years now. It makes my skin brighter and more fresh looking, and is really simple to use, and efficient. [Though it can get messy sometimes, lay a towel on your lap if you're already dressed when you put on your makeup to prevent any accidental spillage.]

    You really can sleep in it, and wake up without a whole bunch of new zits, and it doesn't irritate any existing acne or clog your pores or anything like that. It smooths everything out and makes pores your pores look alot smaller, and it's actually a really noticeable difference for me. You can use more or less in certain areas for more coverage, whatever you need and whatever works for you, without worrying about it looking uneven or anything like that. It looks matte, not cakey, and if you moisturize well beforehand theres no problem with dry skin or anything like that.

    Another thing I do is use 'well rested', which is actually intented for tired looking eyes, all over my face. It makes you glow, [not a gross glow!], gives off a really pretty tone, yet is still pretty sheer. It actually makes my pale skin look brighter and tanned, without looking gross and overdone, or like what I really need to do is take a shower, haha.

    In conclusion, I use it, it's in my makeup bag, and I have no intentions of throwing it out, unless I run out, then I'll get some more, haha.

    Source(s): I hope it works out for you, and if not, they really DO have a money back guarantee. I would recommend buying it from sephora or QVC, not the website though, it's a bit cheaper and you can buy it without signing up for the monthly renewal and stuff. Good luck!
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    I agree with Tamara,

    I won't use ID Bare Minerals BECAUSE it contains arsinic.

    Using it is like having lead based paint in your house, or having aspestos in your walls...

    it's just not good for you.

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    i got bare minerals and it works amazingly. it covers up all of my acne, makes my skin softer, and, personally, it adds an instant glow. it rocks

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