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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

'女子无才便是德' 和 '树欲静而风不息, 子欲养儿亲不在' 的英文

'女子无才便是德' 和 '树欲静而风不息, 子欲养儿亲不在' 的英文

Could anyone possibly help me with the Englsih translation of that? A multitude of thanks!

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    「女子無才便是德」:A woman lacking in talent and learning is virtuous

    這句的 ‘才’ 是指才能、才學 --- talent = a special natural ability or skill 才能、本領;learning = knowledge that one gets from reading and studying 學問、學識 (Longman Dict. of Contemporary English)。

    古人認為女子最重要是治內持家有道, 只要品格貞節嫻熟, 能侍奉公婆、哺養子女, 便不需其他才能、不必讀書了。網友用ignorance代表 ‘無才’, 但 ignorance最常見的意思是 lack of knowledge, information or consciousness, especially of something one ought to know about 無知、愚昧 (Longman Dict. of Contemporary English)。如果古代女子不懂分辨那個季節應吃那些食物、不懂針線刺繡、不懂禮儀等等, 我們便可說她是 ignorant, 因為這些都是她應該認識的 (things they ought to know about)。所以, 用 ignorance 不單未能譯出「女子無才便是德」的意思, 更可能令人誤解原意。

    「樹欲靜而風不息, 子欲養而親不在」

    「樹欲靜而風不息」照字面譯是 the tree craves calm but the wind would not subside。 不過我覺得應該譯其含義:世事往往與人的願望相違背 → things don't often occur as one wishes;什麼‘樹’、什麼‘風’, 只譯字面意會令人(特別是外國人) 不明所指。

    全句是 Things don't occur as one hopes for as it is too late: when children wish to pay filial respect, their parents are no longer with them anymore.

    filial (adj.) 解 子女(對父母)的。孝順(子欲養的 ‘養’)是 filial obedience/ respect/ duty。

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    女子無才便是德 = A woman's ignorance is a virtue.

    樹欲靜而風不息, 子欲養而親不在 =

    The wind blows continuously when a tree attempts to stay still, the parents are not longer alive when their children are mature enough to repay them.

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