Where is the cheapest parking garage in Soho, NY?

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    Use this site, http://www.nyc.bestparking.com/ and select whether you want daily parking or monthly and then the neighborhood (soho) and enter your enter and exit times if you are looking for daily parking to get price quotes for all the garages in the area. Once you get the map you can maneuver it all over the city. Parking garages have a complex matrix for price structure, you can be charged less for a whole day than you can for an hour if you enter and leave at the right times so try a few times out and see if you can be a bit flexible in terms of parking to get a good deal.

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    The Garage Soho

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Where is the cheapest parking garage in Soho, NY?

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    Cheapest Parking Nyc

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    nycparkinggarages.com you put in you address and it will show all parking near that location. you of course have to type in how long you will be there and it will give oyu the exact price.

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