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Who Speaks Better English -: Tha Americans or The English people ( People of London ) ?

Today -: Its like " Do You Speak American or English "

Through my experiences -: They Speak Really Bad English Down South and in New York City

Imagine this :::

You have severely grievous headache , you got to know that its a TUMOR -You appear at the New York City office of Dr. N.V. Cramden, Brain Surgeon; you sign in and await the beginning of the process that will reveal your fate. Cramden approaches and speaks:

‘Hey, how’s it goin’? Rotten break, huh? Ya got a pain in da noggin’. Don’t sweat it; I’m gonna fix ya up. Hey, nois! Ovuh heah! Bring me dat watchamacallit. How da hell am I gonna take care of my patient heah if you don’t hand me dem tools? Dat’s a goil.’


(Mimics Southern speech) ‘As y’all know, I came up from Texas when I was about twenty-one. And I talked like this. Probably not so bad, but I talked like this; you know I said “thiyus” [“this”] and “thayut” [“that”] and all those things. And I had to learn reeeal [elongated vowel] fast how to talk like a Northerner. ’Cause if I talked like this people’d think I’m the dumbest … around.

‘Because of TV, though, I think there’s a kind of standard English that’s evolving. And the kind of thing you hear on the TV is something that’s broadcast across the country, so most people are aware of that, but there are definite accents in the South.’

Update 2:

Lydia H ----->>>

There is absolute no need for anyone to be out-and-out in being rude or yokelish

what manner of lady are you ?

Update 3:

I wonder Is American English in trouble? Is it falling apart as some would suggest, or merely changing with the times?

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    You've obviously never been to a doctor. I've never heard any medical doctor speak like that in my life, even to a child. If you've gone to a doctor that speaks like that, you're really stupid. I would have been out of his office in a nanosecond. Give me a break. Stop trying to fan the fires of prejudice and hatred. Grow up. A doctor would never call something a "watchamacallit." Boy, I'd like you to present your little scenario to a roomful of doctors and see how funny they'd think you are.

    I'm from Texas, and I work around professionals. Sorry, but I don't think I've heard people speak like that either.

    Do me a favor. Do a little research on rhotic and non-rhotic accents, and do a little research on the origin of the American accent. You'll find it enlightening -- I know I did. What you'll learn is that American English is considered the older of the two Englishes, RP, which the British now speak, and AmE, or American English. Our English has changed little, but the English in the U.K. has changed immensely. They stopped pronouncing "r's," and Americans preserved the rhoticism in AmE. Okay? American English is considered the more conservative of the two. British English has been influenced by Europeans and by its own Cockney influence; whereas, American English has not.

    Both are different. There's no right or wrong way because we don't speak the same English. We speak AmE, and they speak RP English. Okay? So, as far as the "correct way," if you are speaking AmE, then you are speaking it the correct way that AmE is spoken. Got it?


    I'm the manner of lady that uses my brain instead of stereotypes about a whole nation of people. You are the one with no manners. You insult people with your assanine comments, but, yet, I'm the one who is uncouth? I think more people were offended by your comments than agreed with them.

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    Well the truer form of English would be the people of England. Here in America we have so many different influences on our language that one could almost say we have our own type of language. The thing is ours came from England as a rule and that is why we and many others consider what we speak as English. There are different dialects depending upon where you go in the U.S. from New York to California, but we are all able to understand one another. The same is true with the English they have different dialects but as a group we as well as them can understand and know what the other is talking about. =)

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    Many Americans speak Portuguese and Spanish, or various Indian dialects. It's really only the Canadians and the USA people who speak English as a first language.

    Londoners speak about four different dialects of English. It's generally accepted that Oxford is where the best English is spoken, brain surgeons as well.

    It appears, though, that the generally - used English vocabulary is the smallest it's ever been. Bit embarrassing for us all.

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    Maybe you are not used to their slang of language and that makes you feel akward. I was in Australia and England before but I got used to the British slang faster than the Australian's one maybe it is because my country was concoured by the Englanders in the 18th Century. Australians' English are more difficult to understand because their slang are different. Get use to it and you will understand it well. I myself got used to the Australian slang and used it until today. Even the Englanders said that I speak English quite well, maybe also because I am a Chinese and Chinese always have their Chinese slang when speaking English except those that are news-reader and some which are higher ranking officers.

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    In England, as well as in America, you will find various dialects of the English language spoken, so you must be referring to "standard" English. So who can say which English is really "better"? A linguist wouldn't even make that kind of judgment.

    As an aside, I don't know where you gained your experiences (hopefully, not just through TV), but as a native New Yorker, I have yet to run into even one person who speaks like that.

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    It's a matter of opinion. If you live in the southern US, you probably think the way you talk is fine. Similarly, if you live in the Western or North Eastern US you probably think the same thing. You forget that the English also have many, many different dialects, so we can't really call one correct and another incorrect. But just for thought, the English did speak that way before Americans spoke the way they did.

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    I'm sure doctors don't speak like some of the people on the streets of Brooklyn. Not everybody's the same. Besides, people of a certain area generally speak the same. They can understand them perfectly. An outsider might not be able to as well. There is no perfect English, since everyone is different.

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    Sorry but I think both do. Down South? which State? What part of New York are you referring too? I don't think you give an accurate description. I've been to London and they all didn't talk the same. Plus England is just not London.

    You really have to much time on your hands and need to find a better hobby then television.

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    The English & Americans (& now the Aussies) all speak a nasty mix of English on the whole. It is a heterogeneous mix of the 3 cultures, accelerated by all of us watching the same TV shows.

    Very few people actually speak good English now. I don't think accents (which is what you appear to mean) really matter except as a way of defining your origins.

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    Actually, it's thought by linguists that the English that southern Americans speak is closer to what was spoken by those who came to the U.S. in the 18th century than the English spoken by those in England.

    As for who speaks "better," I'm afraid you need to define your terms. I've heard all manner of people speaking English in many parts of the world. There's no one "right" way, just many different ways, and no one way is "right" or "wrong."

    What concerns me more is your apparent need to make fun of someone who simply speaks differently than you; not very nice at all. You're displaying GROSS ignorance by generalizing about "American" English. Let's hope nobody judges your spelling, punctuation, and grammar as harshly, because you will most assuredly come out the loser.

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